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A short summary of pip in great expectations Charles Dickens's Great Expectations
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takes the point of view of Pip, expressing his needs. It will always center on his desires, his id, and the very possibility of his attaining an adult ego. It describes him as an infant, stammering his own name and stammering his fears. Again and attain, it will allow readers to relive the terrors of his childhood with hardly a hint of what he could have become, even while taking the consistent view of someone who exists only after the novel has ended, Pip the adult. In other words, it speaks for and describes an adult still very much circumscribed by his unconscious, the Other he should be expected to have discarded.

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Miss Havisham and those who left her at the altar her have stunted three lives—hers and Pip's, but also Estella's, and the book cannot forget a single one. The first is safely consigned to death, and the second is the narrator, the fixed and evolving point of view, the hero with whom readers must empathize.


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how orphan Philip Pirrup says his name
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Pip's first breakthrough is an encounter with an escaped criminal, a man whose name he does not even know. His first act of kindness is simultaneously to break the law, to comfort a convict in his needs and yet to help ensure his capture, to evade the law and to play the part of the law. Both deeds will come to haunt him, and the climax of the book comes with his trying to help the convict escape once again, while ensuring the man's death and the loss of his own fortune. That is the nature of repetition—never getting it right.

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Pip devises a plan to get Magwitch out of the country, but he's uneasy—and with good reason: just as they get ready to make their great escape, Estella goes and marries Pip's nemesis and Pip is almost thrown into a by a hometown bully who claims to know about Magwitch. And then the two are ratted out by Magwitch's nemesis Compeyson, who is, coincidentally, Miss Havisham's ex-lover. Magwitch is thrown in jail and dies, but not before Pip tells him the shocking truth: Estella is his daughter.

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It starts with a name, Pip. From its very first paragraph, says, in the voice of its narrator that pronounces everything, that he could not pronounce his own first name, Philip, or his last name, Pirrup. Both in his mouth became simply Pip, and they thus also became him in the mouth of others. The novel concludes with the young man as a clerk and finally as a gentleman—a wielder of the pen and a student of law, of the letter of the law.

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The novel requires the framework of a potboiler—the breathless opening, the mystery and more mysteries, the withheld answers and more answers, the chase scene, the sense of an ending. While the book is not epistolary, it is both autobiographical and serial. Not only Pip, but also the reader is held by his own voice in expectancy, and not only the boy but the reader, more literally, is paying for his great expectations.

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And so she compensates, by creating a duplicate of herself, in Estella, another orphan whose parents long remain a mystery, too. She breeds Estella to be pure desire, above others, and proud of it. Both woman and girl keep asking Pip the same questions—more obsession, more repetition, taunting him with more deferral. Does he finds Estella beautiful? Does he find her proud? They put her above even the author and reader, so proud of decoding the text, but instead caught up in the imagination of his own desiring.

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Miss Havisham, however, summons Pip for an even more primary reason, before she can test his susceptibility to desire. She wants him to give her exercise, to walk her in circles round and round the same room, a freezing of place not by suspension of time but by repetition once again. The hands of the clock stop, but its circular motion carries her and Pip both nowhere and endlessly ahead.