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In the figure shown, although not on the others, the belt seems merely rope-like, and it has come down, perhaps pulled by the monkey.

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Great Yuan: 大元 ᠶᠡᠬᠡ ᠶᠤᠸᠠᠨ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ: Khagan-ruled division of the Mongol Empire ..
It will be noticed that there are Later Liang dynasties -- pronounced the same but not using the same character -- one with the Six Dynasties (, #5a), but not one of them, and another among the Sixteen Kingdoms (, #5).

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the Sung of the Liu family, which otherwise is the family of Han Dynasties -- though not, as it happens, of the Ch'eng Han, whose surname is Li (like the T'ang Dynasty).


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Since the Persian Gulf doesn't to be crossed on a route to Rome, this suggests that the obstacle was more like the Black Sea, or even the Caspian, unless Kan Ying is being deceived about the geography altogether.
Since we know that the Romans had knowledge of and trade with India and , and that Chinese pilgrims like Fa-Hsien went by sea from India to China (399-414), it is not at all impossible or unlikely that some Romans, in the days of the in India, could have done what the dynastic history says.

Northern Chou, , Dynasty, 557-581 (Hsien-pei)While something like the Sixteen Kingdoms sounds like an obscure period, like the in Europe, this is only an impression, not because of lack of records, as in the European Dark Ages.

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This established the standard and the form for subsequent official Chinese dynastic histories -- not narrative history as familiar from Greek and Roman historians, but something more like an encyclopedia, with a chronicle, monographs on various subjects, and biographies.

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To all the countries , as to Imperial Princes, the Emperors bestowed no more than the title , "King." This was not graciously received in courts, like , where the Monarch was regarded as the equal of the , "Son of Heaven."Several characters are used to mean "dynasty." With the Dynasties we see (which, with a different pronunciation, otherwise means "morning," as in the name of the Japanese , , "Morning Mist").

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That is true, but using the two a's is the convention adopted in China itself to distinguish between the two provinces, which otherwise, in the absence of written tones, would have identical names.

Yang Chien was rather like the Chinese , with some important exceptions: (1) He began in the Barbarian North (as a general of the Northern Chou, grandfather and regent for the Emperor Ching Ti, whom he deposed in 581) and conquered the Chinese South; and (2) he completely restored the Empire.

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Whether or not the British, who certainly included Islamophiles like , favored Muslims (though others, like Colonel James Tod, admired the warlike Hindu Rajputs, cf.

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Thus, like Irene, the Empress Wu had a relatively weak willed husband; and, when he died, she first dethroned one son, then acted as regent for another, dethroned him, and then assumed the throne in her own right.