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This is a quiz about what happened the night Lincoln was assassinated as described by Doris Goodwin in Team of Rivals

Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That ..

we remember many of our historical figures, Lincoln’s memory and ..

at Peterson House on the night of President Lincoln’s assassination: ..
Gerald McMurtry was director of the Lincoln National Life Foundation and wrote numerous books on Lincoln’s early life, assassination and appearance in print.

What comparisons can be drawn between Lincoln's assassination and ..

Explore Lincoln's life and death at this Book Wrap on April 14th, the 148th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, with author Barry Denenberg. We'll have a discussion, Q&A, and see Lincoln-related objects in the museum's collection. Don't forget to get your book signed!


The Crisis of the Civil War - Ford's Theatre

Booth biographer Michael W. Kauffman wrote after Stanton’s arrival at Peterson House on the night of President Lincoln’s assassination: “After consoling Mrs. Lincoln, Secretary Stanton was briefed on the overall situation. Then, bracing himself, he went to the back bedroom. As he looked down at the president, Surgeon General Barnes whispered the obvious: Mr. Lincoln cannot recover. Acknowledging with a faint nod, Stanton lowered himself into a chair next to the bed. All eyes turned to him in anticipation of some pronouncement, but instead he burst into loud, convulsive sobs.” 43

Assessment and Evaluation:
Assessment 1: Worksheet/Factsheet answering 40 questions about the events surrounding Abraham Lincoln's assassination
Assessment 2: Students will find minimum of 10 primary source photos, maps, or other items relating to the assassination.
Assessment 3: Students will use information from researching various sources and primary sources (including pictures from LOC) to create a visual and informational timeline of the events leading up to the assassination, the assassination, and the subsequent search for Lincoln's killers.
Assessment 4: Students will present a Power Point presentation on an assigned part of the assassination (either about an individual involved, place involved, or important political aspect). Students will have the option to choose their own topic if approved by teacher. Students will also have the option to do a Movie Maker project instead of a Power Point presentation.
Assessment 5: Students will write an editorial about John Wilkes Booth's decision to assassinate President Lincoln. The editorial will be written either form the point of view of Northern newspaper or a Southern newspaper.

Teaching Lincoln's Assassination ..

The process of this unit will involve various methods and teaching strategies. The beginning of the unit will involve a multimedia product (either a Power Point or video produced by the teacher) to hook the students. Lecture and discussion (allowing for questions from students) should be used as a starting point regarding Lincoln's assassination. A lesson explaining the difference between primary and secondary sources will follow, which will lead into a hands-on lesson teaching about the Library of Congress recources. At this point, the teacher should take the role of facilitator, and the students should begin their exploratory journey in discovering the bigger picture regarding Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Each of the five assignments/lessons will be preceeded by instructions by the teacher. Throughout the unti, the teacher will act as a guide while the students will be actively engaged in a journey to find more information about Lincoln's assassination

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In researching the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, students will truly go on a journey into the past to study one of our country's darkest periods. They will be challenged with finding facts about the assassination, digging deeper to try to understand the motive of the killer and conspirators, and to think about why and how this event happened. Students should be able to relate this historical event to other political assassinations, and to analyze political movements. Students will be challenged by a variety of assignments, each building on the previous assignment to find the Bigger Picture about the assassination, and each promoting a different skill by the student.

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The Lincoln Assassination and the Bigger Picture. This lesson is designed to have students research the assassination of the United State's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Students will learn about aborted plans to kidnap Lincoln, events leading up to the assassination, and the chase for Lincoln's killers.