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How was Anne Hutchinson's trial an ordeal for her and how was it an ordeal for the community.

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Evaluating the trial of Anne Hutchinson within such a theoretical framework means speculating on the genesis of her theological beliefs with recourse to prevailing theories of gender, class, and interpretat...

Those of Anne Hutchinson are well preserved

Anne Hutchinson, for centuries now, has been seen as a woman who paved the way for religious freedom.

she didn't really change the world but she kind of helped the world progress toward religious freedom as an example over the years of history

Why is Anne Hutchinson still remembered today?

How did Anne Hutchinson change the world?

What impact does this person have on today?

she sets an example that people should have religious freedom.

Additional information

•Anne had 13 siblings
• Anne Hutchinson’s father was an Anglican minister
Important Quotes
"God communicates to people directly, not through public & church officials."
What other historical events were happening at this time?


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a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches..


put or keep in prison or a place like a prison

"he was imprisoned for six months for contempt of court".


a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.

“these people are officials.”


explain the meaning of (information, words, or actions).

"the evidence is difficult to interpret".


a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially one given during a church service and based on a passage from the Bible..

“The minister would use passages from the bible for his sermons.”

Anne Hutchinson gets married
In 1612 Anne Hutchinson married a man named William Hutchinson.

official problem
In 1637 the Massachusetts officials commanded her to leave the colony because she had broken their law then year later the church kicked her out so she was not aloud to go to the Massachusetts church.
Anne Hutchinson's Death
Anne Hutchinson was killed in 1643 in new york.
Anne Hutchinson's birth
Anne Hutchinson was born July,17,Alford,Lincolnshire,England
Massachusetts Bay Colony

Anne Hutchinson followed Puritan leader John Cotton to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634

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Ironically this ideology lead to the banishment and excommunication of Anne Hutchinson from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Puritan church, however she and her followers migrated to Rhode Island and continued to practice their beliefs.

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Anne Hutchinson is famous because she would state her own opinion and make her own theories about what she believed in.
Several members of Anne's mother's family were Puritans,and her father, Reverend Maybury, was accused of being a puritan.
Anne grew up feeling free to speak her mind.
A New England religious leader and midwife, Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) was born in England, and later followed Puritan leader John Cotton to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634.

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Anne Hutchinson was "a magnetic woman of extraordinary talent and intellect" as well as a woman "who quickly gained respect among Boston's women as a midwife, healer, and spiritual counselor" (AP, p....

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So this relates to the category of education because she taught people in her congregation.
What did she do to become famous?
She would preach in her own home but the officials considered it a threat to them.
She was famous because she would interpret the bible lessons John Cotton would preach but the officials considered this a threat.
Who is Anne Hutchinson?
What was her childhood like?
By: Jackie Jones Core: 1 & 4
Why is Anne famous?

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She was born on July 17, Alford, Lincolnshire, England in 1591.
Where is she from?
Anne Hutchinson

"God communicates to people directly, not through public & church officials."
A Famous Quote from Anne Hutchinson:
Anne as a young child had very little education.
Anne as a young adult had only her father's sermons for education.
After Anne got married to William Hutchinson, she would explain John cotton sermons to toughs who did not understand what John Cotton was trying to teach his congregation.