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Few Westerners recognize the extent to which Arab womencontributed to the social, economic and political life of the empire.

Islam, From Arab To Islamic Empire: The Early Abbasid Era

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He introduced Hindu numerals, including the concept of zero, into the Arabworld.
The rather sparse cultural
tradition of the Arabs, which one author has fittingly captured with reference
to their "mental virginity," made them highly receptive to influences
percolating from the subject peoples and remarkably tolerant of the great
diversity of their styles and approaches to thought and artistic creativity.

In the first phase of Abbasid rule, the Islamic contribution to human
artistic expression focused on the great mosques and palaces.

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In addition to
advances in religious, legal, and philosophical discourse, the Islamic
contribution to learning was focused on the sciences and mathematics.


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Nevertheless, although much of what he wrote has been sedimented into contemporary culture, many of his ideas, especially his political ideas, are far too scandalous ever to be fully incorporated into academic common sense.

Indeed, the deeply historical and revolutionary character of Marx’s thought makes it almost unintelligible from the static perspective of modern theory.

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Any attempt to write a study of Marx’s supposed political theory must therefore confront the problem that his thought cannot be fully incorporated within this standpoint.

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Consequently, though Marx’s thought can be said to have economic, political, and sociological, etc., dimensions, it cannot be reduced to an amalgam of these approaches, and critics should be wary of Procrustean attempts to fit aspects of his work into one or other academic sub-discipline, or indeed to reduce his conception of totality to a form of inter- or multi-disciplinarity.

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Currently, Iraq and Syria are the primary theaters of proxy wars pitting Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies against Iran. The Saudi-Iranian cold war for primacy in the Persian Gulf is being largely played out in the Fertile Crescent. This proxy conflict has contributed heavily to the surge of sectarianism in both Iraq and Syria. This is related to the fact that Saudi Arabia is a fundamentalist, Sunni state that is viscerally anti-Shia while Iran is the leading Shia state in the Middle East. Both have stoked the fires of Sunni-Shia conflict to serve their own ends although the Saudi contribution is far greater than that of Iran. The Shia are a minority in the Arab Middle East, even if they are a majority in Iraq and a plurality in Lebanon, and Iran is a non-Arab state. Tehran, therefore, has to be much more discrete in how it plays the Shia card if it is to retain influence in the predominantly Sunni Arab world.

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Specifically, whereas modern political theory tends to treat politics as a universal characteristic of human communities, Marx insists that it is a historical science: states, ideology, and law are aspects of broader superstructural relations that function to fix and reproduce minority rule within class-divided societies.

Many early mosques have a square or rectangular plan

The European democracies, which provided inspiration and were greatly admiredby reformists in the East, had colonized much of the Arab world, dividing its territoriesamong them as booties.