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France: Parliament lowered the minimum gaming age for casinos from 21 to 18 on May 5, 1987.

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He said: "Certainly, in America where this has been done, there has been a significant reduction in, for example, alcohol-related road deaths."New Zealand's experience since lowering the drinking age from 20 to 18 in 1999 provides further ammunition to those who want to raise the bar.

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In a country which has one of the highest rates of underage drinking in the world and a £20bn annual bill for alcohol misuse, is this the solution?
Is it time to end the problem by raising the legal age to 21?In a genteel corner of north-west London, residents are bracing themselves for the usual weekend flood of underage drinkers.


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Psychiatrist Colin Drummond, believes the UK can tackle many of the problems of under-age drinking by following suit.
This perspective is built upon more than two decades studying collegestudent drinking patterns and the history of alcohol use in this countryand other cultures. My research has led me to believe strongly that perhapsthe simplest and most dramatic action we could take to create more responsiblealcohol consumption among college students would be to lower the legaldrinking age to eighteen or nineteen. Young adults should be allowed todrink in controlled environments such as restaurants, taverns, pubs andofficial school and university functions. In these situations - where matureand sensible drinking behavior would be expected - responsible alcoholconsumption could be taught through role modeling and educational programs.

Interestingly, in other countries, the trend is exactly the opposite. In France, the minimum age was 21, until 1987, when parliament lowered it to 18. Similarly, in 1969 the government of the Bahamas set the minimum age for gambling at 21, but the minimum is now 18. Twelve of the 16 states (Länder) in Germany have also lowered the age for casino gambling from 21 to 18. Portugal has different rules for tourists and locals: Casinos are open to foreigners over 18, but citizens of Portugal may not enter Portuguese casinos unless they are over 21, and some casinos restrict local play to residents over 25.

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Most legal minimum ages are still at 18. But, there has been one significant exception: In every state in America, the drinking age has been raised from 18 to 21. Because casino gaming is usually associated with the availability of alcoholic beverages, most states put the minimum age for gambling in a casino at 21. Casino-style games, including slot machines, are also the most dangerous forms of gambling.

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The flaunting of the current laws is readily seen among our nation'suniversity students. Those under the age of twenty-one are more likelyto be heavy -- sometimes called "binge" -- drinkers (consumingmore than five drinks at least once a week). For example, 22% of all studentsunder twenty-one compared to 18% over twenty-one years of age are heavydrinkers. Among drinkers only, 32% of under age compared to 24% of legalage are heavy drinkers.

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While there has been a decrease in per capita consumption and motorvehicle crashes, unfortunately, during this same time period there hasbeen an increase in other problems related to heavy and irresponsible drinkingamong college age youth. Most of these reported behaviors showed littlechange until after the legal age was mandated at twenty-one in 1987. Forexample from 1982 until 1987 about 46% of students reported "vomitingafter drinking." This jumped to over 50% after the law change. Significantincreases were also found for other variables: "cutting class afterdrinking" jumped from 9% to almost 12%; "missing class becauseof hangover" went from 26% to 28%; "getting lower grade becauseof drinking" rose from 5% to 7%; and "been in a fight after drinking"increased from 12% to 17%.

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This increase in abusive drinking behavior is due to "undergrounddrinking" outside of adult supervision in student rooms and apartmentswhere same-age individuals come together in the 1990s collegiate reincarnationof the speakeasy.