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I believe that art is a subjective take on how the artist in particular views society and that answers my question.

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With the rerelease of “Titanic,” the society wants Mr. Cameron to pay again, asserting that the 3-D version is a new work, not covered under the previous agreement.

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The Society of Illustrators invites you to attend the Opening Reception ofArt by Liniers: Macanudo, The New Yorker, and Good Night, Planet
They will do nothing about the decay at the center of civilization that brought about the failure of nationalism, and they have no plan for escaping all the other problems or addressing the needs that come after the breakup of multicultural society.


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These fools will, if we believe them when they describe their agenda, enact a race war followed by the exact same government and social order we have now.

The Constructivists were the first group of artists in a long time to consider themselves more important and useful to society as a whole.
William Weege is a political artist, known for his surreal, anti-war poster collages of one of the 60's and is one of the most important political artists from that era.

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Copyright law covers everything from reproductions in books to those used on keychains. “We try to acquire as much information as we can about a project, and then we go to the estate,” Mr. Feder of Artists Right Society explained. His organization, like VAGA, takes a percentage of the fee, which varies depending on the use.

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She remains as an invaluable font of knowledge of the workings of the society. I’d also like to make a special shout out to Michael Scherfen how has done an amazing job as our web guru with knowledge and great patience.

We are pleased to hold our Annual Open Juried Exhibition for 2017 at the Middletown Arts Center, 36 Church Street, September 25-October 29, 2017.

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Democracy paralyzes society so that people can harvest more money from the fields; libertarianism transfers control directly to the shopkeepers, circus owners and party store suppliers; liberty, equality, justice, freedom and tolerance are just terms for most of the same of those.

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Like other Societies across the country we are modernizing, using online services to simplify jurying, and using artists of the highest standing to do fair unbiased jurying, while bringing in artists of high standing to come to judge the awards. We need to thank those who served in the too often thankless job of the presidency, in particular Jinnie May, who shepherded the society through a tricky transition to new technologies.

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A NOTE TO OUR COMMUNITY: The Society of Illustrators/Museum of Illustration is an international organization, with artists and members from continents across the earth. In our work, we honor the beliefs that art and culture crosses borders and that curiosity and perspective, rather than fear and divisiveness, are the key to meaningful and successful cross-cultural dialogue and greater understanding between people. We stand with all those in our family who have been affected by recent events on the world stage, and look toward the day when all artists are free to live and work wherever they feel at home in our global village.