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Examples from medieval literature include Chaucer's Sir Thopas," which mocks the popular meter and conventions of medieval romance.

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There are a thousands and thousands of examples of biblical allusions from literature and film
Jesus died on the cross so that those who believe in him will not perish but will have eternal life in heaven, and also to pay for our sins.
Biblical and Historical Allusions in
A Lesson Before Dying

Jefferson as a Biblical allusion
Jefferson and Jesus both come from a downtrodden race.

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Anne–This is a really excellent treatment of literary allusion. It leads me to a confession related to something you allude to yourself: avoiding the use of allusions that aren’t reliably part of the society’s grasp of cultural literacy, to reduce the risk of confusing or annoying readers. I find myself deleting allusions for this reason, and when I do, I feel a little ashamed. Sometimes so much so that I go back and restore the allusion.
It’s a problem, especially in terms of actual, literary allusions. In fact, the problem of cultural literacy as distinct from literal literacy explains why so many books on the craft of writing depend heavily on references to movies. Especially to recent, not classic films. Familiarity with literary classics and the Bible can no longer be assumed, even among those who aspire to be writers.
For years, I taught undergraduate literature and writing courses. As the years passed, my job became increasingly difficult. I could no longer take it for granted that my students entered the classroom with what in the past had been considered basic knowledge of historical or religious events, names, places, etc.


Contemporary Biblical Allusions

Another example of using allusions in books can be “Alice in Wonderland” and the Cheshire cat’s smile. Bradbury also uses allusions in his books.

Also Deputy Paul is a Biblical Allusion to the Apostle Paul.
Other Allusions in
A Lesson Before Dying
Grant as an allusion to the Bible
Wrists and Ankles
As Jefferson is being prepared for execution, Paul, "pointed to areas on the leg and wrist"(243).

Therefore, a biblical allusion must refer to the Bible

This allusion is crucial to the understanding of the text because of their similarities and because Bradbury choose to allude to this Book because of those similarities.

the frequency of biblical allusion is hardly ..

True, McKinsey never "flatly" states that the authorsof these books are insane; he says it, therebygaining the polemical advantage of associating in the reader's mindthese Biblical writers with insanity. He gains the point withoutstepping into commitment -- an tactical move, but onceexposed, completely useless. The same polemical advantage is gained by quoting the likes of Paine, Ingersoll, etc. as saying that the writers were insane.

Biblical Allusions in A Lesson Before Dying

Thanks for the inspiration (suggestions and examples). I’ve been thinking about adding allusions to my next draft, particularly historical allusions. My novel hinges on a Neo-Luddite plot and I have taken the chapter titles from Writings of the Luddites, edited by Kevin Binfield. My protagonist is an introverted history student who aims to become a professor. I think the description would be enriched by brief references like comparing someone’s voice to a recording of an old radio show or someone’s expression to the unsmiling people in early photographs.

Also Deputy Paul is a Biblical Allusion to the Apostle Paul

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