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Criminal profiling can either help solve a case or maybe even prevent a case from being solved because everyone is on the wrong track.

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Lets take an inside look at the life of an investigative criminal profiler.
This second problem is compounded by the possibility that accurate profiles may be more likely to result in solved cases, thus inaccurate profiles may be less likely to come to light.

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This paper also aims to minimize the fear and confusion by introducing the ideal of criminal profiling.
The term criminal profiling also called investigative criminal profiling is a very important tactic in targeting certain offender types such as those who commit serial homicide, serial rape, or serial arson.


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To bring more information on this topic to the surface, an interview with an actual investigative criminal profiler by the name of xxxxxxxxxx.
But isn't it also comforting to know that we also have criminal profilers working among us to identify these very same serial killers and stop them before they have a chance to kill again.

The process of criminal profiling as it pertains to serial killers is extremely interesting and far more common than first thought.
So if the crime scene can be so easily staged to look like one thing happened when something totally different happened, then how valid is the role of crime scene analysis and criminal profiling in the development of trial strategy.

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It is the job of the profiler, in concert with criminality, to reconstruct behavior from the physical evidence then look for patterns in that behavior, and illuminate the behaviors within the context of a specific crime or series of crimes, to a specific criminal offender.

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If the profiler doesn't truly believe what the evidence seems to show, they may withhold information or important profile items that could potential lead to an arrest.

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Criminal profilers possess a lot of knowledge and training, but before they obtained all of this, all they had to go on was pure basic instinct and all of us have a little of that so we all have the power to become a criminal profiler all we have to do is fine-tune the skills that we already possess.

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But the most effective criminal profilers tend to be those who have first been trained as competent forensic investigators, with an appreciation for the value of forensic evidence, and the ability to perform at least some level of wound pattern analysis.

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It is important that a halo effect not be created where by a finding of profiling success in one area might be taken as indicative of all possible uses.