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This is also the reason why any offerings brought in the Temple needed to be at least eight days old.2

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List of old medical terms -- which may help decipher old Death Certificates ..
Just as people are living longer than they did in the past, cats are living longer too. The percentage of cats over 6 years old has almost doubled in the last 10 years and the aged cat population is growing. Within the past 5-10 years, veterinary medicine has seen some significant improvements in treatments for the ailments commonly faced by ageing cats. Like people, cats do not live forever. They age at different rates - some slow down at the age of 8, others remain spry into their teens or early twenties. Most glide gracefully from middle age into old age, simply slowing down their pace of life. They experience old age in different ways and at their own pace. Grey hairs appear round the muzzle and in the fur (some owner therefore refer to older pets as "silvers"). An elderly cat grows thinner; its backbone, hips and shoulders become more prominent as it loses the insulating layer of fat under the skin. It may become rickety or unsteady on its back legs and its senses are less acute.

On Old Death Certificates, Doctors Reports - …

Founded in 1824, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) is the 11th oldest medical school in the country and the first in the nation’s capital.
Most serious injuries and diseases can be treated but surgery and medication may be expensive. Some may be prohibitively expensive if you don't have a high income or plenty of savings. For this reason, a growing number of owners take out pet insurance. Policies differ, but most cover courses of treatment or one-off treatments (e.g. emergency surgery). Many insurance firms will not allow you to take out a policy on a cat aged over 10 years unless it has been insured previously. This deters some people from adopting older cats from shelters. Despite the apparently scary list of things which can go wrong, older cats are generally robust and healthy and the benefits of companionship outweigh any additional costs.


On Old Death Certificates, Doctors Reports ..

it is fatal in 8 days: Lues disease:
Lancelot - a medic who drains abscesses (called Pokemon in the USA)
Lantern Test - shine a torch in the subject's mouth and the eyes light up (no brain)
Larry - Locum, as in "doing a Larry"
Last Flea To Jump Off A Dead Dog - Oncologists (sometimes other disciplines) who seem unable to let people die with diginity
Laying Crepe - dismal prognosis (i.e. prepare the coffin)
LDF - Lying Down Fit
Leave 'Em Dead - Levofed (aka norepinephrine) , the drug given to cardiac patients to prop up their blood pressure until they die in the ambulance
Leeches - those who take blood samples, e.g. lab techs
Lerner/Bernstein Fracture - the injury suffered by a patient who is intent on suing someone over his trip or fall (Lerner/Bernstein are ambulance-chasing lawyers in one region).
LFTWM - Looking for 3 Wise Men (applied to young pregnant females who deny having had intercourse)
LGFD - looks good from door (but not closely examined, possibly an obnoxious patient)
LGFTC - looks good from the corridor (but not closely examined)
Lignocephalic - wooden-headed (i.e. dense [thick] or stubborn)
Lipstick Sign - if a female patient is well enough to put on, she is well enough to be discharged
Liver rounds - staff party, so called because of liver-damaging alcohol
LLS - Looks Like Sh*t
LMC - Low marble count (low IQ)
Load the Boat - call in senior medical staff as ass-covering exercise
LOBNH - Lights On But Nobody Home
Lobster - sunburned patient
LOFD - Looks Okay From Door
LOL - Little Old Lady
LOLFDGB - Little Old Lady, Fall Down, Go Boom
LOLINAD - Little Old Lady In No Acute Distress
LOLITS - US: Little Old Lady In Tennis Shoes (60+ year old); UK: Little Old Lady In Twin-Set (50-60 yera old)
Loop-the-loop - flamboyant surgical rearrangement of the intestines.
Loose Change - dangling limb in need of amputation.
LPT - Low pain threshold
LRO - Luck Ran Out (cheated death before, but not this time)
LWS - (US) Low Wallet Syndrome (No medical insurance or money)

A Glossary of Medical Terms used in the 18th and ..
O sign - Patient unconscious with mouth open
OAP - Over-Anxious Patient
OB/GYN - actually means Obstetric/Gynaecology, rumoured to mean "Oh Boy-Got You Naked"
OBE - Open Both Ends (known in UK as DNV - Diarrhoea and Vomiting)
OBECALP - placebo (the rationale being that patients don't realise it's "placebo" in reverse)
OBS - Obvious bullsh*t
Obs and gobs - obstetrics and gynaecology
OCWTL - Overcome With The Lord (Tachylordia)
OFIG - One Foot In the Grave
OFIGATOOS - One Foot In the Grave And The Other One Slipping
Ohno-second - The time from making an error (e.g. dropping that hard-to-get sample immediately after you got it) to going "oh-no"
Oil slick - (1991, NZ) - appearance on CT scan of a porencephalic cyst
Old Man's Friend - (US) pneumonia, an illness which often carried off the elderly
Oligoneuronal - "few brain cells" i.e. thick (not very bright) (Note: In the UK, "dumb" means "mute")
OMGWTFBBQ - a person mangled in a car crash
Ooh-Aahs - Those who gather to gawk at an emergency and go "Oooh, Aaah"
OPD - Obnoxious Personality Disorder
Optorectomy- operation to disconnect the eyeball from the anus, due tosuch a sh*tty outlook on life
Organ recital - a hypochondriac’s medical history
Orthopod - orthopaedic doctor
Osteocephaly - boneheaded
Ostrich Treatment - pretend it's not there and hope it goes away
OTD&DDR - Out The Door and Down The Road.
OTDPDS - Out The Door Pretty Damn Soon
OTLP - n the launch pad (to be discharged to home)
Overpriced Carpenter - orthopaedic doctor

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Since most older cats are happy to spend more time dozing, they will be quite happy if a neighbour pops in several times over a couple of days to feed them. If you are taking a longer holiday you may want to find a cat sitter or use your regular cattery or boarding establishment, informing them of any dietary preferences or behavioural quirks. UK owners looking for a cattery for the first time should look for one which has been approved by the Feline Advisory Bureau, your vet or your friends. Other countries have their own cattery approval systems.

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Note : The contents were originally researched and written for cat owners in Britain. At the request of readers, I have extended it to take into account some of the terminology and practices in the US. However, styles of cat ownership vary according to your country of residence. It should be borne in mind that sections relating to the older cat outdoors may be inapplicable in those areas where cats are kept as indoor pets. Where you have any detailed concerns about your pet, please do not hesitate to contact your vet for specialist advice. I have tried to translate medical terms into layperson's terms; where this is not possible I have tried to describe what is meant by a medical term. The use of the pronouns "he" and "his" are for convenience only, substitute "she" and "her" if applicable to your situation.

Unpaid Medical Bills - Medical Collections under HIPAA ..

It the cause is a simple stomach upset, withhold food for the remainder of the day to allow his stomach to settle, but provide plenty of water. Provide small portions of bland food for the next few days or until he is visibly recovered. If the vomiting is due to food intolerances; try a different variety or different brand. Organic cat foods (e.g. Yarrah) or ones without artificial additives may help. A Selected Protein prescription diet may be required. If preservatives are the cause, a fresh meat diet with nutritional supplements may be required. Non-preservative usually have a shorter shelf life. If vomiting is due to eating inappropriate items, you must restrict access to these items!