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Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leadersand to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct inoffice.

Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals.

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In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are thehighest form of political authority.
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7. TOLERATION OF DIVERSITY which means that citizens should respect the right of others to differ about ideas, ways of life, customs, and beliefs. Citizens should appreciate the benefits of having people of diverse beliefs and ethnic and racial backgrounds as a part of their community, as well as an understanding of how and why diversity can exacerbate tensions.

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Power flows from the people to the leaders of government,who hold power only temporarily.
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Democracies are based on "rule of law." The (particularly ) valued , the notion that human societies should be governed by ethical principles found in nature. The Greeks are famous for practicing , a system in which citizens meet to discuss all policy, and then make decisions by majority rule. However, only free males were considered to be citizens. So their democracy was certainly limited. Today direct democracy is practiced in New England town meetings, where all citizens of voting age meet to decide important political decisions.


Democracy, literally, rule by the people

That’s where we get the understanding of “power to the people” from the word democracy.
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However, some aspects of independent Ireland were actually less democratic than what had gone before. Power was stripped from local government by the Cumann na nGaedheal administration of 1923-32 and given instead to unelected ‘County Managers’. While this was in part due to Civil War animosities, it was also due to the belief, held also by many in Cumman na nGaedheal’s main political rivals, Fianna Fail, that the County Councils and Corporations since 1898 had been nests of corruption. Fianna Fail extended the County and City Manager system throughout the country in 1940

What common people? Understand what the word means by seeing how the word reflects reality.
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My contention here is that while politics and government legislationseems to be about getting sufficient numbers of votes, the underlying principleis that proposed legislation, and candidates seeking certain offices, suchas the Presidency, must appeal to sufficiently widespread and diverse groupsof people that no simple majority can hold absolute or potentially tyrannicalpower just on the basis of sheer numbers.

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But the greatest obstacle to simple majority rule is the Constitutionitself because no legislation passed by a simple majority which is inconsistentwith its provisions is valid law. And, although, contrary to the beliefof many, the Constitution is not totally immutable, it is so difficultto change, and requires such broad support for change, that only thosechanges which are acceptable to a vast majority of citizens in a vast numberof different blocks or segments of the country (i.e., states or state legislatures)can be made. Two thirds of both houses each, or two thirds of state legislaturesmust propose an amendment (or a Constitutional Convention), and then threefourths of the states (through their legislatures or constitutional conventions)must ratify the amendments. This is no easy route to tyranny by a meremajority.

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"Democracy for me is more fundamental than a political philosophy. It is the human struggle for the shared life of community. Democracy, unchecked, leads to oppression. Our work is to ensure that we build a community that protects every group and every person…particularly those we dislike."
-Jon Abercrombie

Democracy means the rule of the people (Demos = People)

"Democracy means that 'We, the People' includes EVERYONE (regardless of race, class, religion, education, sexual orientation, gender, ability, etc.), & everyone has an equal chance to participate in ALL levels of our society. "
-Barb Yasui