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Supply-side economists believe that high marginal tax rates strongly discourage income, output, and the efficiency of resource use.

Supply and Demand are two of the most basic terms in economics.

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Conveniently, however, having been righteously offended by an imaginary insult, the correspondent is thus excused from divulging his own economic and policy preferences, let alone explaining how Sowell's supply side political economy is consistent with his supposed refutation of Say's Law.

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If the correspondent admitted that demand side economics follow from the falsity of Say's Law, while Sowell always supports supply side economic policy, then the correspondent would need to acknowledge that Sowell's thought is incoherent -- not the right implication when the original point was to accuse me of ignorantly getting Sowell's ideas wrong.


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Indeed, the motive to abandon productive "cultural" activities will be stronger in a democracy, since it quickly becomes apparent that profit can be obtained more easily from political activity than from economic production, when economic activity itself is burdened with increasing taxes, mandates, and regulations.

However, these days I read Thomas Sowell's newspaper columns every week, and I have never seen him make any policy recommendations that were inconsistent with supply side economics.

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Any unbiased person would also have realized that the "stagflation" of the 1970's, after Richard Nixon's "We are all Keynesians now," was the of demand side economics.

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Early in December 2010, a chorus of Democrat politicians (including the unbelievably witless but unbelievably reelected Barbara Boxer) and their media supporters are arguing that must be continued and increased because of the effects they will have on the economy, effects that will be so pronounced that raising taxes "on the rich" will be of no economic significance.

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Now that we know how bad the Soviet economy really was, and the Left continues to promote socialist devices, a command economy, and ever more concentrated government power, we might wonder if the Soviet state was admired in the first place precisely for its lack of freedom, regardless of its supposed economic successes.

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Since he did not believe that supply alone could be relied upon to always generate demand, Keynes, as we know, recommended that demand be independently "stimulated" by government action, especially government (deficit) spending.

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Also, production reflects the investment of capital, both human and material, which means that "supply-side economics" and Say's Law, in their generality, are principles of capital and so of capitalism itself.