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A modernist exercise in capitalist angst, T.S

His views and his expression of them were usually pungent.

Tony Benn, Peerage Of Ireland, John Thurso, Dillon

 Pursuing this theme, he once described how teachers of literature should go about it:
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“Who dunnit to Rexroth at the ?” (article in the  about Rexroth’s firing from the )

03. Stimulating Mail
06. Police versus Homosexuality
10. Inadequate Cultural Infrastructure
13. The Mafia Invasion of North Beach
17. Cultural To-Do List
20. Highways and the Future
24. A Great Week of Local Theater
27. Misdirected Education
31. A Theatrical Body Blow


Folk Music, Army Dreamers, Kate Bush, Cara Dillon

October 31. A Civil War in AmericaDecember 19. Screws Tightening on the Universities
There are ways to deal with this problem, and no, it does not include another round of mythological ‘holocausting’. Getting rid of the fed, the 16th and 17th amendments, and shutting down all aide to israel, and for God’s sake (the real one, the Good one), stop take advice from jews on foreign and domestic policy. It is only self serving. The jew has eternally divided loyalties, and considering how bloody and violent their ideologies are, they are a threat to humanity and world peace.

October. Hong Kong and JapanNovember. America the UglyDecember. Tourist Tips for Japan
More than all this, however, by asserting that "Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality" and by demanding that the poet must search for the object, situation or event that objectively expresses the emotion, Eliot supplied critical tools to both maker and critic alike.

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03. Planned Laissez Faire
06. Alcoholism and Poverty
10. Ideas for Replanning the City
13. Skid Row
17. A Backward Glance at the Season’s Arts
20. []
24. Charles Mingus
27. A Cultivated Congressman
31. Spring Opera

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In his verse plays, Eliot hoped to restore poetic drama to a place it once occupied, though whether there is enough life in his characters and whether their moral dilemmas will carry over to another age needs best be left to time. Only "Murder in the Cathedral" seems to have the necessary staying power, at least in book form, if not on the stage.

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01. Improvements for Golden Gate Park?
05. Blissful Indifference
08. Poverty in San Francisco
12. In Quest of New Opera
15. Examples of Local Poverty
19. A Scatterbrained Column
22. Another Poverty Scenario
26. The Enigma of Shakespeare
29. Divorce: Another Factor of Poverty

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03. Nehru and India
07. Interracial Marriage
10. The Goldwater Effect
14. Homosexuality
17. Library Architecture
21. Greeks and Buddhists in Afghanistan
24. A Drastic Solution for Market Street
28. Spring Opera and the International Repertory Theater

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Although Eliot's influence began to wane in the last decade of his life, we are still too close to the light he shed to take his measure accurately. That his poems will have a permanent place in that tradition he so cherished is certain. And whatever judgment is made of his criticism, no consideration of 20th-century literature in English will be able to bypass him. If we judge a man by the vacancy that his absence from his time would have caused, T.S. Eliot was a giant.