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Is there something identifiable and substantive to the brand name of Catholic legal education?

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Throughout, it will attempt to preserve “something old and something new”: the goods of traditional sexual norms as well as the goods of modern research and ideals about marital and sexual health and happiness for men and women.

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In law, this problem centers on the idea of a legal person and the conditions for designating something as a person.
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I then develop a normative understanding of the preferential option and show how standpoint theory, outsider methodology, and law and economics can contribute to clearer analysis of the law's impact on the poor and to proposals for better policies compatible with both Catholic and secular thought.


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Paulhaus emphasizes commutative and distributive justice as the main tools in ethical analyses of the economy.
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Writer Steven Keeva claims that lawyers are facing a "personal spiritual crisis." What's missing in law practice is "caring, compassion, a sense of something greater than the case at hand, a transcendent purpose that gives meaning to [their] work." Federal court Judge William Hoeveler agrees and calls the problem "a loss of individual spirituality." Dean Anthony Kronman of the Yale Law School makes a similar point in his important book, The Lost Lawyer: Failing Ideals of the Legal Profession.

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Moreover, the absence of religious voice in corporate law is something odd because many business people - like many others in the United States - are people of faith, and faith can, at least in the fiduciary duty area, serve as a rich resource for better understanding the post-Disney legal obligation to be faithful.

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Three principles--the priority of the person, the globalization of solidarity, and subsidiarity in support of economic freedom--provide John Paul's framework for analyzing the ethical implications of global trade patterns.


[4] Matters that go beyond strictly legal questions may also be in the domain ofanother profession. Family matters can involve problems within the professionalcompetence of psychiatry, clinical psychology or social work; business matters caninvolve problems within the competence of the accounting profession or of financialspecialists. Where consultation with a professional in another field is itself somethinga competent lawyer would recommend, the lawyer should make such arecommendation. At the same time, a lawyer’s advice at its best often consists ofrecommending a course of action in the face of conflicting recommendations ofexperts.

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Small classes taught by professors allow undergraduates to work closely with faculty, to ask questions, and to engage in research. At CWU, your education is personal. Here, your professor knows your name, and that means something. Central programs are recognized for academic quality and for the graduates we produce. In addition to the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, CWU also offers a variety of certifications and other extended learning opportunities.

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Only by embracing their obligation to teach the Catholic intellectual tradition can Jesuit law schools offer “something which secular schools do not.” A survey of the websites of all American Jesuit law schools is included.