• C. Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • Liturgy Of The Eucharist
  • Liturgy Of The Eucharist

The Roman Ritual (De Sacra Communione et de Cultu Mysterii Eucharistici extraMissam) gives the present discipline of the eucharistic fast:

X. Reservation Of The Eucharist

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Chapter V Arrangement And Furnishing Of Churches For TheEucharistic Celebration
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240. Holy communion has a more complete form as a sign when it is receivedunder both kinds. For in this manner of reception a fuller light shines on thesign of the eucharistic banquet. Moreover there is a clearer expression of thatwill by which the new and everlasting covenant is ratified in the blood of theLord and of the relationship of the eucharistic banquet to the eschatologicalbanquet in the Father's kingdom.[68]

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322. The choice of the eucharistic prayer may be guided by the followingnorms.
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53. Once the gifts have been placed on the altar and the accompanying ritescompleted, the preparation of the gifts comes to an end through the invitationto pray with the priest and the prayer over the gifts, which are a preparationfor the eucharistic prayer.


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Liturgy Of The Eucharist
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109. The priest continues the eucharistic prayer according to the rubricsthat are given for each of them. If the priest celebrant is a bishop, after thewords "N. our Pope" or the equivalent, he adds: "and for me yourunworthy servant."

Liturgy Of The Eucharist
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54. Now the center and summit of the entire celebration begins: theeucharistic prayer, a prayer of thanksgiving and sanctification. The priestinvites the people to lift up their hearts to the Lord in prayer and thanks; heunites them with himself in the prayer he addresses in their name to the Fatherthrough Jesus Christ. The meaning of the prayer is that the entire congregationjoins itself to Christ in acknowledging the great things God has done and inoffering the sacrifice.

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First the altar, the Lord's table, which is the center of the wholeeucharistic liturgy,[41] is prepared: the corporal, purificator, missal, andchalice are placed on it (unless the chalice is prepared at a side table).

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2. In the eucharistic prayer thanks is given to God for the whole work ofsalvation and the gifts of bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

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b. Acclamation: joining with the angels, the congregation sings or recitesthe "Sanctus" This acclamation is an intrinsic part of the eucharisticprayer and all the people join with the priest in singing or reciting it.

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Christ took the bread and the cup and gave thanks; he broke the bread andgave it to his disciples, saying: "Take and eat, this is my body."Giving the cup, he said: "Take and drink, this is the cup of my blood. Dothis in memory of me." Accordingly, the Church has planned the celebrationof the eucharistic liturgy around the parts corresponding to these words andactions of Christ:

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g. Intercessions: the intercessions make it clear that the eucharist iscelebrated in communion with the entire Church of heaven and earth and that theoffering is made for the Church and all its members, living and dead, who arecalled to share in the salvation and redemption purchased by Christ's body andblood.