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* [] : or “commonwealth”; cf. . : cf. : with Abraham, with Moses, with David.

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Kurtz acts as a symbol throughout the first two sections of the book

The Power of Words- Constantly throughout the novella, the power of words is apparent
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* [] Our relation through baptism , the risen Lord, is depicted in terms of realized eschatology, as already exaltation, though brings in the future aspect too.

Significant Events | Heart of Darkness

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* [–] The gospel of () that God () is reiterated in terms of what God’s (), expressed in Christ, means for us. The passage sometimes addresses , Gentiles (–, , –, , ), but other times speaks of who believe (–, , , ). In urging people to their grim past when they were in sins (–, –) and what they are (–, ), the author sees both Jew and Gentile reconciled with God, now , a new humanity, , , and of God’s Spirit (–, –). The presentation falls into two parts, the second stressing more the meaning for the church.


There is a lot of hidden ideas and meanings of this book

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* [–] The elaborate imagery here combines pictures of Christ as (), his crucifixion, the ending of the Mosaic law (cf. ), reconciliation (–), and the destruction of such as kept people from God in the temple or a barrier in the heavens.

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