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From those original four computers, this network evolved into the sprawling network of millions of computers we know today as the internet.

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12/02/2009 · The origins of the Internet date back nearly 40 years, with the U.S
Microsoft's full scale entry into the browser, server, and Internet Service Provider market completed the major shift over to a commercially based Internet. The release of Windows 98 in June 1998 with the Microsoft browser well integrated into the desktop shows Bill Gates' determination to capitalize on the enormous growth of the Internet.

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To understand the stage on which the evolution of life plays out, however, we must turn to astronomy.
A different hypothesis is that the key events in human evolution were shaped not by any single type of habitat (e.g., grassland) or environmental trend (e.g., drying) but rather by environmental instability. This idea, developed by Dr. Rick Potts of the Human Origins Program, is called variability selection. This hypothesis calls attention to the variability observed in all environmental records and to the fact that the genus Homo was not limited to a single type of environment. Over the course of human evolution, human ancestors increased their ability to cope with changing habitats rather than specializing on a single type of environment. How did hominins evolve the ability to respond to shifting surroundings and new environmental conditions?


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The internet itself is really a massive
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The period of human evolution has coincided with environmental change, including cooling, drying, and wider climate fluctuations over time. How did environmental change shape the evolution of new adaptations, the origin and extinction of early species, and the emergence of our species, Homo sapiens? (‘Hominin’ refers to any species closely related to humans – that is, on the human divide of the evolutionary tree since human and chimpanzee ancestors branched off from a common ancestor sometime between 6 and 8 million years ago.)

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How do we know Earth’s climate has changed? How quickly and how much has climate changed? One important line of evidence is the record of oxygen isotopes through time. This record of δ18O, or oxygen stable isotopes, comes from measuring oxygen in the microscopic skeletons of (forams, for short) that lived on the sea floor. This measure can be used as an indicator of changing temperature and glacial ice over time. There are two main trends: an overall decrease in temperature and a larger degree of climate fluctuation over time. The amount of variability in environmental conditions was greater in the later stages of human evolution than in the earlier stages.

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Essentially, it is a collection of Internet service providers (ISPs) who each operate their own networks, with their own clients, and agree to interconnect with each other and exchange packets.

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Ten-million-year record of oxygen stable isotopes, measured in foraminifera recovered from deep-sea sediment cores, illustrates that global ocean temperature and glacial ice varied widely over the past 6 million years, the period of human evolution. The δ18O measurement is the ratio of the heavier 18O isotope and the lighter 16O, which is more easily evaporated from the ocean and sequestered in glacial ice on land. During the course of human evolution, the overall δ18O trend has been toward a cooler, glaciated world. However, the amplitude of oscillation also increased beginning around 6 Ma, and became even larger over the past 2.5 Ma. Evolution of the genus Homo and of the adaptations that typify H. sapiens were associated with the largest oscillations in global climate. Icons: (a) hominin origins, (b) habitual bipedality, (c) first stone toolmaking and eating meat/marrow from large animals, (d) onset of long-endurance mobility, (e) onset of rapid brain enlargement, (f) expansion of symbolic expression, innovation, and cultural diversity.

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Paleoanthropologists – scientists who study human – have proposed a variety of ideas about how environmental conditions may have stimulated important developments in human origins. Diverse have emerged over the course of human evolution, and a suite of adaptations have accumulated over time, including upright walking, the capacity to make tools, enlargement of the brain, prolonged maturation, the emergence of complex mental and social behavior, and dependence on technology to alter the surroundings.