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A little fast food won’t hurt, but frequently eating out can have serious long-term effects. Learn how fast food negatively affects your body.

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This fast-food giant just made a direct play for cannabis users in California
This may not seem like a lot until you comprehend the already massive scale on which the Taco Bell corporation operates.

Fast food is growing in America as well as internationally, posing great risks to health and public perception about nutrition and diet.

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This chain boasts prideful ad campaigns about how they are the healthy alternative to other fast food restaurants and, in comparison to a more greasy burger joint, that claim might be accurate, although exaggerated.


Fast food, race/ethnicity, and income : A geographic analysis

In fact, the food truck industry, which is the fastest-growing channel in today's foodservice industry, has grown from $650 million in 2013 to a projected $2.7 billion this year, according to Emergent Research.

ERS conducts research on USDA's child nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Summer Food Service Program, and After-School Snacks and Suppers.