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Barbie has endured through decades of social and political upheaval -not to mention the countless attacks by feminists.

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‘Why would you want a fat Barbie?’ Internet gives mixed reaction to re-designed dolls.
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You know, all of you MGTOW guys are reacting to 2nd wave feminism rather than leading as masculine men. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is why you see and experience what you do. If you find any success with women overseas, it’ll be because of the language barrier not despite it.

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In her own expressive and persuasive modes to fashion an essay designed to persuade the reader that the Barbie doll is a twisted and corrupt tool designed by men to combat the feminist revolution....


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She refers repeatedly to the Body Shop's "anti-Barbie" doll, named Ruby, a heavyweight plastic doll featured on a poster/advertisement reading, "There are three billion women in the world who don't look like supermodels and only eight who do." The implication is, of course, that this fat-Barbie archetype is somehow a healthier ideal than the bone-thin adolescents paraded on the pages of Cosmo.

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Prager seems convinced that the Barbie doll was an object created by a man and that Barbie reeks of sexuality, sexual innuendo and serves as the anti-feminist embodiment of every man's fantasy.

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harsh, superficial
¨You have a great big nose and fat legs.¨
The harsh views of appearances

feminism, harsh societal views of appearances of women, prototype

Thematic Statement:
In the poem ¨Barbie Doll¨ by Marge Piercy she reveals the societal views on the prototypical image of a woman and its negative effect on women.

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In Marge Piercy’s poem entitled “Barbie Doll” the title foreshadows the theme of the poem which is that girls are ultimately and fatally entrapped by society’s narrow definitions of feminine behavior and beauty.

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Remarkable vintage film and fascinating interviews with women whose lives have spanned the 20th century provide evidence of and insights into the harmful practices of foot-binding, arranged marriages, and polygamy; the postiive impact of the Dowager Empress, Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, and China's first feminist, Qiu Jin; and the salutary effects of female education and Ibesn's A doll's house.