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Bloodied, battered, bruised and hungry, Aeneas' sailors seem ready to give up the chase for the promised New Troy.

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418-493 Aeneas and Achates marvel at the size and activity of the newlyestablished town of Carthage. They come to the temple of Juno, where theysee on the walls pictures of events in the Trojan war; Aeneas is heartenedby this, and studies them one after the other, reminding himself of thetriumphs and disasters of the war.

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124-156 Neptune intervenes, angrily rebukes the winds, and calms thestorm.
779-826 Meanwhile Venus complains to Neptune of Juno's hostilityto the Trojans, and asks for his promise that the Trojans will safely crossthe sea to Italy. Neptune gives his promise, but says that one life mustbe lost so that the others shall be safe. The seas are calmed as Neptunerides over them, attended by his retinue.


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827-71 The Trojans proceed on their voyage, Palinurus leading. Duringthe night the god Sleep comed to Palinurus, disguised as Phorbas, and urgeshim to rest from his vigil. Palinurus refuses, and Sleep casts him intothe sea. When the loss of the helmsman is discovered; Aeneas takes overthe control of the ship and in deep sorrow speaks his farewell to Palinurus.

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746-78 Aeneas follows out the new plan, and a city is founded underAcestes' rule for those staying behind; a temple is dedicated toVenus at Eryx, and Anchises' tomb has a priest and a sanctuary appointedfor it. After nine days of celebration in honour of the new city the Trojanssay their farewells to those staying behind; sacrifices are made, and theysail for Italy.

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1-41 The Trojans arrive in Italy at Cumae; Aeneas goes to consult theSibyl at Apollo's temple. He gazes in admiration at the pictureson the temple doors, and is called into the temple by the Sibyl.

1-4 Death of Aeneas' nurse, Caieta.

700-45 Aeneas in dispair wonders whether to abandon his fated missionaltogether. Nautes advises him to leave behind some of his company in Sicily,and takes the rest onwards to Italy. As Aeneas is pondering this advicethere appears to him in the night a vision of his father Anchises, whotells him to accept Nautes' advice; but before establishing hiscity he is to visit the underworld to meet his father and hear his destiny.

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42-76 The Sibyl in her cave goes into a prophetic trance and calls onAeneas to make his prayer to Apollo. He does do, asking to be allowed toenter into the kingdom granted to him by fare, and promising a temple anda festival to the god and a special shrine for the Sibyl.

148-69 The Torjans send an embassy to King Latinus.

664-99 The news reachs the Trojans. Ascanius immediately rides off andbrings the women to the realization of their crime. But the Trojans cannotbut out the flames, and Aeneas prays to Jupiter either to send help orto bring final destruction upon them. Jupiter hears his prayer; the flamesare quenched by a thunderstorm, and all the ships are saved except forfour.