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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - As of November 1, 2016, SUCCESS Foundation will be going digital. Please read for more details.

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Critical Thinking: Building a Key Foundation for Language and Literacy Success
Students who are reading and writing proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to graduate. That’s why the second goal of the – a foundation for success in school – is critically important. The goal is that by 2020, at least 80% of DPS third-graders will be at or above grade level in reading and writing.

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DPS is focused on early literacy as the foundation for students’ entire academic experience. Early literacy, which DPS defines as reading, writing, speaking and listening, is essential to building a strong foundation for success in school and in life.


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The Tulsa study shows that high-quality, universal pre-K can yield long-term benefits for kids. Unfortunately, Oklahoma is making significant cuts to funding for its K–12 system. To continue to reap the rewards of the state’s impressive universal pre-K investment — and to sustain the gains made in pre-K — Oklahoma needs to provide students access to high-quality education in K–3 and beyond.. Instead, the Tulsa study proves that quality universal pre-K education benefits all participants by setting a stable foundation for students’ success.

They also hypothesize that the broad accessibility of Tulsa’s pre-K program helped prepare so many students for the K–12 system that teachers could increase the academic rigor of their instruction. If this is the case, then the Tulsa study shows that school readiness — what many see as the most significant benefit of quality pre-K — is the necessary foundation for a student’s future success.


These measures matter as all are predictors of future student success: higher math test scores suggest later academic success, enrollment in higher-level courses helps students to become college- and career-ready, and lower rates of grade retention are correlated with increased earnings and crime reduction. However, it’s worth noting that the researchers did not find a positive impact on other factors they expected quality pre-K to affect, such as reading test scores. The Georgetown researchers to follow these students to see if there is a correlation between quality pre-K and success in high school and beyond.

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Thank you to all who have supported our mission and our gifts in the past, we are forever grateful for the impact you have helped us make. We are excited for what is yet to come and to watch the SUCCESS Foundation legacy continue to grow and affect change in our world. It is our most sincere wish that we may continue to focus on the positive components of life that have everything to do with who we become and the contributions we make to the societies in which we live.

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As our world has evolved over the past several years into a more digital medium of communication, we at Success Foundation have made the decision to no longer distribute hard copies of the SUCCESS for Teens book and the SUCCESS for Teens Facilitator Guide. Instead, both of these great treasures will continue to be 100% available by download at no cost on our website.

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