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The Moon, Come to Earth is literary travel writing of a rare intimacy and immediacy
Oh I forgot the ridiculous theroy made by two Russian scientists and beleved by many UFO lovers : The Moon is Giant spacecraft that brought life to Earth from some other planet. There is no evidence to support this. In fact it kind of sounds like a Star Trek episode about the asteroid that was a spacecraft . It was called : For the world is hallow and I have touched the sky.

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moved to Maine in 1980 from New York, where he taught English in public schools and at Long Island University. He teaches in the Senior Education program at the University of Maine in Augusta, and is the author of five books of poems: , a book of translations from the German of Erich Kastner (in collaboration with his wife Ruth), and . His third Moon Pie Press book is , published in October 2007. His full length collection was published in April 2010. Bookey's poetry, criticism and reviews appear in many journals and anthologies. His plays have been produced in Maine and off Broadway in New York City.


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The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is a 1966 science-fiction novel by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, about a lunar colony's revolt against rule from Earth.
You can see that in the diagram here; the ISS is on the right, the Moon on the left, and the Earth with its atmosphere is in the middle. Light from the bottom of the Moon passes through more air as seen by the ISS, so the effects are greater.

Hummm, lunar crust thicker on the far side. I guess this is what happens when two massive bodies revolve around a common center of gravity. The denser part gets thrown to the far side of the bodies. Since the moon doesn’t rotate and it cooled more rapidly than earth, the densest part is static, while any such mass distribution on earth would end up throughly mixed as our rotation drags against the lunar tides.

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How bizarre is that? [Click to inflatenate.] In May 2010, Soichi was on the International Space Station, and was seeing the Moon through the thickest part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Under those circumstances , bending the light from the Moon, squashing it down — I’ve posted images like this before but I have never seen it squished to this degree. That’s amazing.

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You can also see the change in color from the bottom to the top; it’s redder at the bottom. The more air you look through, the more junk (particles, smog, and so on) there is, and this stuff tends to scatter bluer light — think of it like bumpers in a pinball game bouncing the ball around, changing its path. In this case, the blue light from the Moon gets scattered away, and only the redder light gets through — that’s the same reason the setting Sun can look red. The closer to the Earth’s horizon you look, the more air you’re looking through, and the redder the Moon looks.

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But why does one side have a thick crust and the other thin? No one knows. Interestingly, it’s probably tides from the Earth that forced the Moon to have this asymmetry line up with us. The Moon causes tides in the Earth, but the Earth does the same for the Moon, and the tides we create on it are much more powerful, since the Earth is far more massive than the Moon. Tides like to stretch things, and they also like to have any imbalance settle along the Earth-Moon line.

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The “fact” that the moon is in anyway constituted in orientation to the earth, suggests that the contrary might be true, this earth moon system being a binary one, I’m sure the center of it is not at the center of the earth’s mass, and therefore they both could be influenced by one another and subsequently seeking a new center of gravity from time to time, hence earthquakes in diverse places and not at regular intervals.