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The theater arts program offers study of the art form in both theoretical historical context and the practice of live dramatic performance. Course offerings generally include theater history and dramatic literature; acting, movement, and voice; directing; design and technology for scenery, costume, lighting, makeup, and sound; and management. [COMMUNICATION ARTS/ PERFORMING ARTS]

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We performed a two-stage genomewide association study to discover and replicate genetic loci associated with gestational duration and the risk of preterm birth. Women in the discovery data set were participants in the research program of 23andMe, a personal genomics and biotechnology company. All the women provided written informed consent and answered surveys online according to a human-subjects protocol approved by Ethical and Independent Review Services (). Unrelated women of European ancestry who self-reported the gestational duration of their first live singleton birth were included in the analysis. Women with a medical indication for their preterm delivery were excluded; those who did not specify a medical indication were included to optimize sample size. Preterm-birth status was determined on the basis of dichotomization of gestational duration (preterm,



Nuclear engineering, the practical application of the principles of nuclear science for the benefit of humankind, provides the engineer or scientist with an opportunity to work on challenging problems that are vitally important to the modern world. The goal of many nuclear engineering programs is to provide students with a strong academic background that enables them to pursue professional careers in nuclear and radiation-based industries, or to pursue graduate study in nuclear engineering or related fields such as medical physics, health physics, or another field of engineering.
Graduates may be hired by electric power companies that use nuclear power plants, or by companies that help service and maintain those plants. They use their knowledge of engineering principles, radioactive decay, interactions of radiation with matter, and nuclear reactor behavior to help assure that the power plants meet the demand for reliable, economic electricity while ensuring a safe environment. Other graduates work in industries that use radioactivity or radiation to detect problems or monitor processes. Jobs are also found in branches of the government as designers of the next generation of reactors for submarines, aircraft carriers, or space probes, or to manage and clean up contaminated wastes. They could also be involved with regulation of nuclear power or radiation uses, or in research to develop advanced technologies that will be used in next-generation power plants. Graduates who want to further their education in the fields of health physics, radiation biology, or nuclear medical applications find this degree to be a useful preparation. [ENGINEERING]

The geosciences are concerned with understanding earth processes and the evolutionary history of the Earth. Geoscientists work to discover and develop natural resources such as groundwater, metals, and energy sources; to solve technology-generated environmental problems such as acid mine drainage and waste disposal; to predict geological events, such as the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanism; and to solve fundamental questions concerning the origin and evolution of Earth and life. The Bachelor of Arts degree program stresses data collection, investigation, analysis and synthesis of information related to complex natural problems. Examples of these careers include environmental law, national and international planning or resource management, and teaching. [SOCIAL SCIENCE]

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Biology examines the fundamental concepts of nature and all aspects of the living environment, from the molecular level to the biosphere. Biology can open doors to many specialized fields, including genetics, biotechnology, environmental biology, and medicine. A Biology major can prepare students for further study in graduate or professional schools, and also trains students for careers in industry, education, or government. [SCIENCE]

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We used the , a database of all published genomewide association studies that is produced by a collaboration between the National Human Genome Research Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute, to check whether the SNPs that were associated with gestational duration or preterm birth have been associated with other traits previously. In addition, we used the database, which stores information on genotype and tissue-specific gene-expression levels, to determine whether any of the implicated SNPs could influence tissue-specific gene expression. We examined whether multiple independent variants at a given locus influenced birth timing by means of an approximate conditional and joint analysis. We estimated the fraction of that was explained by all common SNPs by means of or sets of significant SNPs using a genetic-score approach. A detailed description of these analyses is provided in the section describing other statistical and bioinformatics analyses in the .

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(iii) Include a statement of work, specifications, or other description, that reasonably describes the general scope, nature, complexity, and purpose of the supplies or services the Government will acquire under the contract in a manner that will enable a prospective offeror to decide whether to submit an offer;