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Gene’s Cycle & Sports provides customers with a variety of hockey equipment, including skates, sticks, pads, helmets and more. We have everything you need, regardless of your skill level. Gene’s Cycle & Sports provides both new and used hockey equipment, making it an affordable option for everyone within the Price Albert area. Hockey can be one of the most expensive sports to participate in, due to the cost of equipment, however used hockey equipment is a fraction of the cost. This allows everyone in the Prince Albert community the opportunity to play hockey.

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She's got those supermodel genes! Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor, 19, poses in a parade of bikinis for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot
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Gene’s Cycle & Sports also offers skate sharpening ensuring all our Prince Albert skaters are always ice ready. Skate sharpening if something people tend to look over, however if not done or done incorrectly your skates can begin to deteriorate. With our years of experience in skate sharpening, you are assured to get an expert sharpening every time. Gene’s Cycle & Sports offers a variety of sporting goods, accessories and skate sharpening throughout the Prince Albert area and are a sporting goods store that believes in quality products and service above all else.


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who has the speed gene, and who doesn't
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As one of Prince Albert’s leading sporting goods stores we also offer a variety of athletic wear, clothing and accessories. This ensures our customers not only have the proper sporting equipment, but the necessary clothing designed for each individual sport. Gene’s Cycle & Sports’ team is knowledgeable in the multiple types of active wear, clothing and accessories that accompany each sport. We are pleased to offer our expertise to ensure our customers leave with the highest quality products built for their specific sport of choice.

how much of performance is genetic
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To ensure all our customers receive the highest quality products, we offer a variety of well-established brands, such as Bauer CCM and Under Armour. Gene’s Cycle & Sports also ensures that all used hockey equipment is in good condition, retaining its original quality and durability. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, looking for new or used hockey equipment, Gene’s Cycle & Sports is the sporting goods store to choose. We provide quality customer service, along with one of the widest selection of new and used hockey in equipment in Prince Albert.

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Gene’s Cycle & Sports is one of Prince Albert’s leading sporting goods store, specializing in skate sharpening, sporting and cycling equipment and accessories. Gene’s Cycle & Sports is not just your average sporting goods store, we have both the knowledge and expertise to help our customers find the right product for them. Our team possesses a background in sports and cycling allowing them to provide customers with tailored advice and guidance. When you come to our Prince Albert based sporting goods store you will find exactly what you need, along with the help of a trained and knowledgeable team.

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Gene’s Cycle & Sports offers a variety of sporting equipment to the Prince Albert area, including hockey, baseball, soccer, cycling, skateboarding, water sports and more. We also carry high quality brands, such as Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Bauer and Easton. Our Prince Albert based team of sporting and cycling experts will ensure you get exactly what you need and the quality you deserve. We pride ourselves on being a sporting goods store that can offer tailored advice and expertise to our customers, providing you with the highest quality products and experience.