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One source of funding of Lucis Trust is a finance conglomerate led by former US defence minister Robert McNamara, one of those chiefly responsible for the US military disaster in Vietnam, and later President of the World Bank. Some of this money is apparently channelled to other causes: Lucis Trust is a generous sponsor of humanitarian organizations – Amnesty International, for example, Greenpeace USA, and Greenpeace International.

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For Greenpeace is not only an environment organization, it is also a fund-raising machine. The funds raised keep the engine up and – as in most cases, Greenpeace`s engine still requires oil – running; the effectiveness of Greenpeace is entirely dependent on the money donated. Perhaps you too, dear Reader, have been for years a member of Greenpeace, or support its campaigns? Maybe you too would like to see actions, instead of mere words and cover-ups? Maybe you would become a member – if Greenpeace were only to become concretely active?


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Such a policy is of no service to anyone, least of all to Greenpeace itself. There is unquestionably a need for environmental organizations of this kind. Greenpeace has the scientifically qualified people, the financial resources and the technical know-how that would enable it to get to the bottom of the chemtrails riddle straightforwardly and reliably, once and for all. If Greenpeace only wanted to.

Now Greenpeace is an organization with a good reputation to lose. This reputation rests upon the quality of its pioneering work for the sake of man and environment, and upon an image which has led one to believe in the highest integrity of the environmental group. But if it were to emerge that Greenpeace – unbeknown to the general public – follows instructions from a higher source, from UNO authorities, for example, and is therefore deliberately burying its head in the sand in the chemtrails question, its good reputation could soon be destroyed.

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Greenpeace Switzerland, on the other hand, seems to be of a different opinion. Thus its climate and transport expert Cyrill Studer wrote the following statement to his colleagues in an internal memo of March 15th 2004: “I have heard of the chemtrails phenomenon. (…) For the present, Greenpeace (…) will not be following up the theme of chemtrails. There is not a sufficiently solid scientific basis. (…) Greenpeace is not an organization that can undertake the verification of a supposed phenomenon. On the one hand, our independence would not be guaranteed and, on the other, it would overstretch our capacities. In other words, important elements of our climate campaign would suffer, particularly the promotion of energy efficiency and of renewable energies, or our active influence in present-day politics.”

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Since the publication of the article ‘Destruction of the Sky’ and the bringing to light of the spraying programme for ‘stabilization of the climate’ that is being carried out under the auspices of the United Nations Organization (UNO), hundreds of telephone calls have been made and thousands of letters sent to every imaginable office and public authority in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Countless experts – climatologists, flight control officers, even members of the intelligence services, have been asked their opinion. The result can be summed up in a very few words: Despite the fact that his inquiries are based on evidence that is available to any critical observer, that can be explained on the basis of solid fact, and objectively tested and verified, the chemtrails researcher meets up with an impenetrable wall of silence.

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However, thousands of people were thoroughly shocked when they realised, and were informed by Greenpeace in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that – for some reason or other – Greenpeace has NO INTEREST IN THE CHEMTRAIL QUESTION WHATSOEVER. This obviously had me – and many, many others – piqued, and I decided to do a little research into the possible background of the eco-group`s strange position and its striking evasiveness. This new article, just released in Germany, is an overview of the current state of the chemtrail discussion in “Old Europe” and shows some of the intriguing results of that search…”