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  • Health Care in the 2016 Election — A View through …
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And yet its health care system much more closely resembles that of Republican-controlled states in the Deep South.

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Donald Trump again dominates our annual review of political falsehoods.
Under the Coalition, GPs, pathologists and radiologists may pass on some of the reductions in funding to the consumer. This could result in lower rates of bulk billing and higher co-payments.

Medicare will never be privatised. It is a core government service.

“People just don't understand,” she said. “It's hard, and we need help.”
Although it may look like Labor and the Coalition are promising significant funds to improve chronic disease management and primary care, these pale next to the amounts promised to hospitals.


What do the Medicare promises mean for voters?

A: No, but Trump has continued a program that allows some veterans to seek outside care.
The Coalition’s election promises for private health insurance focus on creating a more simplified scheme that it is and understand which company provides best value for money.

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The Coalition has committed to to 2020 and abolishing the bulk-billing incentives for pathology (blood and tissue tests) and radiology (X-rays and MRIs).

What do the private health insurance promises mean for voters?

“What Democrats in Virginia need to understand is that 2021 is on the ballot right now. The winners in 2017 will be in charge of redistricting after the 2020 census, and the technology and the data Republicans used to draw deeply flawed lines has not gotten worse,” said David Daley, author of Ratfucked, a book about Republican gerrymandering.

By Ariél Zangla, arielatfreeman on Twitter

Mr. Romney believes that if more people buy coverage on their own, insurers will compete harder for their business, thus presumably lowering costs. And if insurance is separated from employment, the Romney campaign says, people will be able to keep their coverage if they lose or change jobs.

What do the hospital funding promises mean for voters?

“As a result,” Mr. Romney said in a summary of his health care proposals in The New England Journal of Medicine, “they will be price-sensitive, quality-conscious, and able to seek out the features they want.”

Faso promised, and he embraced Mitchell.

Extending the rebate freeze means doctors will be paid the same for consultations in 2020 as they were in 2014. They’re likely to eventually pass the difference on to patients.

“I don’t have much longer to live,” she said.

Several gettable seats for Democrats are in or near the Washington, DC, media market — which makes getting on television exorbitantly expensive for the state legislature campaigns often run on shoestring budgets. The campaigns view getting on TV as essential for exposure in low-budget races outside the national spotlight.