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There is so much potential for using hemp to promote sustainability, prevent deforestation, and save the lives of humans and animals:

Cannabis Oil – NOT What You Think (Hemp vs Cannabis Oil)

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A lot of people know about the wonders of hemp but in reality nobody can envision
Hemp oil is used in cooking as well, though it is not suitable for high heat cooking. Along with giving a slightly nutty and crispy taste to food, it can be the perfect salad oil just in case you're out of olive oil.

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The oil contained in thehemp seed is 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids (the good fats) andonly 9-11% of the less desired saturated fatty acids. Hemp seed oilis reputed to be the most unsaturated oil derived from the plantkingdom. The essential fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil arerequired in our diet more than any other vitamin, yet our bodies donot naturally produce them. They must be obtained from externalsources in the food we eat. Essential fatty acids are involved withproducing life's energy throughout the human body and without them,life is not possible. In general, North Americans have a high dietarydeficiency in essential fatty acids due to our high intake of animalfats versus plant fats, caused by our high consumption of processedfoods and meats versus natural organic foods.


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If you’re truly serious about climate change and environmental protection, you should be a staunch advocate of hemp. Along with moving towards renewable energy sources and reducing the war machine, we do stand a chance to reduce the emission of carbon into the environment and could reverse a lot of the damage we have already done.

Fabrics made of hemp do not have any chemical residue, and is therefore safer for consumers. Even if the fabric contains only 50% hemp, it can keep the UV rays of the sun from harming the skin underneath.

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Air pollution is reduced since hemp is naturally resistant to pests and does not need pesticides and herbicides to be sprayed. Very little fertilizers are required, since it’s abundant leaves fall into the soil and release the required nutrients and minerals, thereby creating better soil tilth. Cotton and flax are known to consume 50% of all pesticides; hemp replaces cotton as a raw material in the manufacturing of paper and cloth, and flax fiber or seed for animal feed, animal bedding and paper.

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When burning hemp as a fuel, carbon dioxide is released into the air, but this is absorbed by the next crop, which can be harvested 120 days after planting. This quick growth avoids the build-up of carbon dioxide. Also, hemp is a very leafy plant and thus contributes a high level of oxygen to the atmosphere during its growth; between 20 and 40%. This makes up for the loss of oxygen when it is burnt as a fuel, which in turn, reduces unwanted effects of global warming, acid rain and the depletion in the ozone layer on the environment.

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It replaces trees as the source of raw material for wood and paper, thereby conserving forests. Trees take years to grow, while a crop of hemp can be grown in a few months. Only one acre of hemp can produce as much paper annually as 4 acres of trees.


8. Growing hemp plants is good for soil health. It grows aggressively and in very dense batches although sunlight is unable to penetrate the ground which means that there are less weeds. This also results in less topsoil erosion, which thereby decreases water pollution. Hemp plants are also capable of absorbing metals that are present in the soil but are actually toxic – these include mercury, lead, cadmium, and copper.