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Cortés was a Spanish conquistador (soldier and explorer) who conquered the vast Aztec empire in central America.

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Cermenho was directed by Cortés to explore the California coastline in 1595.
But betrayal was a way of life as much in the as in Europe in the 16th century, University of Florida archaeologist Susan Gillespie said, and: “Cortés learned of, and exploited, these political rifts to his advantage.”

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Treasures from the Aztecs were brought to Spain, and Cortés was a hero in his homeland.
Although Spanish chroniclers including Hernán Cortés, who led the conquest of Mexico in 1520, recorded the capture of a convoy that year, archaeologists are for the first time uncovering details of what happened when a native people first encountered the Spanish, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History said in an of its findings.


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Hearing rumors of great riches, Cortés traveled inland and
At Panuco, Cortes ran into an expedition led by Jamaica governorFrancisco de Garay, who had to yield in September 1523 when theroyal decree finally arrived. Cortes promulgated the ordinancesof New Spain in March 1524. were requiredto have weapons suitable to the number of Indians under theircontrol, but they also had to make sure thousands of plants werecultivated. Hours of labor were limited from sunrise to one hourbefore sunset, and attending church on Sundays and holidays wascompulsory. Women and boys under twelve could not be made to workon plantations. Labor squads could only be worked for twenty days,and thirty days must pass before they were summoned again. Indians could not be used in mines, where slaves worked. Everysettler was urged to bring his wife from Spain or get marriedwithin eighteen months. Municipal officers were appointed by Cortesand met in town councils at least once a week. Monopolies on importedcargoes were prevented by not allowing anyone to buy more thanwas needed for domestic use in the first ten days. The India councilhad tried to forbid in 1523; but the outcrywas so loud that this was repealed three years later, though no was to be allowed more than 300 Indians.

Cortes sailed with 11 ships from Cuba to the Yucatan Peninsula to look for gold, silver, and other treasures.
At a nearby Indian village, the explorersdiscovered some crude gold ornaments. Infatuated with the idea of uncoveringanother ,Narvaez seized as hostage the regional Indian leader .When the chief wouldn't reveal the source of the treasure, undoubtedly theresult of long range trade, Narvaez chopped off the Indian's nose. made up a story about the great wealth of the .

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Elsewhere, the mounted Oprichnik draws his Sablia and rides towards Cortés, who is still armed with his Alabarda. Cortés holds his ground and reaches with the poleaxe, pulling the hooded man down from horseback. Cortés then raises the poleaxe and brings it down into the Oprichnik's face. The last Oprichnik charges at the head conquistador with his saber drawn. Cortés lifts the axe from the dead man's hood, parrying the sword and countering with a thrust attack, which impales the Oprichnik through the chest. Cortés then calls for his horse, which the last mounted conquistador brings to him. The conquistador then rides on with his sword drawn. However, he is shot off his horse by the last Streltsy, who then finishes him off with a strike to the mid-section with his Bardiche while he is still down.

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Meanwhile, the last Streltsy sets up his Bardiche axe as a mount for his Pischal rifle, shooting and killing one of the Spaniards who shot the other soldier. Ivan draws his Sablia and rides on, pulling the prisoner in half and dragging the torso behind him. The remaining soldier and the dismounted Oprichnik charge the Spaniards. The conquistadors calmly hold their ground as one of the Spaniards takes an Alabarda from his horse and hands it to Cortés. As the conquistadors continue to reload, Ivan rides up and slashes one of them in the face, killing him instantly. He then changes course and rides to a retreating conquistador who has his Espada Ropera drawn and slashes him in the back of the neck, also killing him.

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Columbus explored and claimed many islands. Some women worea piece of cotton over their genitals, but most were naked. Manyinhabitants ran away when they saw the Spaniards coming. FromCuba they took a dozen people, including a man who wanted to bewith his family. On November 21 Captain Martin Alonzo Pinzon tookhis ship to search for gold. Columbus named the largeisland of Haiti Española (Hispaniola). After one of theirinterpreters told the fleeing natives that the Christians hadcome from the sky, they were given hospitality. The local (chief) Guacanagari was carried in a litter and shared with histribe the food they gave him. On December 24 while Columbus wasresting, his flagship was wrecked on a reef;but the natives helped his men salvage all they could. Columbusnamed the new settlement Navidad, and 39 of his men volunteeredto stay there while he returned to Spain. Efforts were being madeto find gold, and they were warned about the aggressive Caribs,whom they believed were cannibals. Columbus took over the and met up with Martin Pinzon, who denied he had been collectinggold. Before they departed, a group of Indians charged seven Spaniards,who wounded two of them before the fifty-five natives fled.