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22/05/2014 · Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
"'One of the greatest of the wise men of Khorassan was the Imam Mowaffak ofNaishapur, a man highly honored and reverenced,--may God rejoice his soul; his illustriousyears exceeded eighty-five, and it was the universal belief that every boy who read theKoran or studied the traditions in his presence, would assuredly attain to honor andhappiness. For this cause did my father send me from Tus to Naishapur with Abd-us-samad,the doctor of law, that I might employ myself in study and learning under the guidance ofthat illustrious teacher. Towards me he ever turned an eye of favor and kindness, and ashis pupil I felt for him extreme affection and devotion, so that I passed four years inhis service. When I first came there, I found two other pupils of mine own age newlyarrived, Hakim Omar Khayyam, and the ill-fated Ben Sabbah. Both were endowed withsharpness of wit and the highest natural powers; and we three formed a close friendshiptogether. When the Imam rose from his lectures, they used to join me, and we repeated toeach other the lessons we had heard. Now Omar was a native of Naishapur, while Hasan BenSabbah's father was one Ali, a man of austere life and practise, but heretical inhis creed and doctrine. One day Hasan said to me and to Khayyam, "It is a universalbelief that the pupils of the Imam Mowaffak will attain to fortune. Now, even if we all donot attain thereto, without doubt one of us will; what then shall be our mutual pledge andbond?" We answered, "Be it what you please." "Well," he said,"let us make a vow, that to whomsoever this fortune falls, he shall share it equallywith the rest, and reserve no pre-eminence for himself." "Be it so," weboth replied, and on those terms we mutually pledged our words. Years rolled on, and Iwent from Khorassan to Transoxiana, and wandered to Ghazni and Cabul; and when I returned,I was invested with office, and rose to be administrator of affairs during the Sultanateof Sultan Alp Arslan.'

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"At Naishapur thus lived and died Omar Khayyam, 'busied,' adds the Vizier, 'inwinning knowledge of every kind, and especially in Astronomy, wherein he attained to avery high pre-eminence. Under the Sultanate of Malik Shah, he came to Merv, and obtainedgreat praise for his proficiency in science, and the Sultan showered favors upon him.'


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"Omar Khayyam also came to the Vizier to claim his share; but not to ask for titleor office. 'The greatest boon you can confer on me,' he said, 'is to let me live in acorner under the shadow of your fortune, to spread wide the advantages of Science, andpray for your long life and prosperity.' The Vizier tells us, that when he found Omar wasreally sincere in his refusal, he pressed him no further, but granted him a yearly pensionof 1200 mithkals of gold from the treasury of Naishapur.

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Omar Khayyam Indian Restaurant Edinburgh: serving the finest Indian & Punjabi cuisine since 1983. Located at the confluence of Grosvenor Street and the Haymarket Junction, Omar Khayyam Indian Punjabi Restaurant couples the elegance of the West End with the vibrance of downtown Edinburgh.

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Welcome to Omar Khayyam Restaurant, serving Edinburgh’s
finest Punjabi Indian cuisine since 1983. Located at the confluence
of Grosvenor Street and the Haymarket Junction, Omar Khayyam
Indian Punjabi Restaurant couples the elegance of the West End
with the vibrancy of downtown Edinburgh.

A trip to the tomb of Omar Khayyam

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