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from End of the Line - confronting the opioid epidemic, a new play by Improbable Players
The Improbable Players’ residency provided many students the chance to participate, to think about issues, to explore healthy options for themselves, and to demonstrate creative choices. These sessions brought together their intense personal concerns and experience with substance abuse issues with their training and enjoyment of theater arts to make an exciting theater piece for their peers.” - Richard Blanchard, Drama Teacher, Harbor Schools and Family Services, Amesbury, MA

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Improbable’s SpatialOS software lets game-makers build multiplayer virtual worlds that can handle more players than typical programming techniques allow.
Improbable Players, Inc. is a touring theater based in the Boston, Massachussetts area, though its company tours in other parts of the USA. It was founded in 1984 to teach audiences in schools, colleges and conferences about addiction and recovery through plays, drama workshops and discussion sessions that help people recognize situations in their own lives and seek the help they need. All the actor/teachers are theater artists in long-term recovery. The plays are written based on improvisation and scripted from the actors’ experience, strength and hope.


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Improbable Players is a company of 25 actors who present plays that spotlight tough social problems as they relate to substance abuse
Improbable Players is a company of 25 actors who present plays that spotlight tough social problems as they relate to substance abuse. All of the actor/educators are in recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse, and all the plays have been developed from their life stories.

Jun 19, 2009 · Medford Transcript: Through sketches, the Improbable Players talk about drug and alcohol addiction to students at Medford High School.
We all know someone who has been affected negatively by alcohol or other drugs –everybody knows someone. All of us play a part in the tragedy of substance abuse: our own personal struggles with it, in our relationships, our families, and our neighborhoods. Improbable Players created these lessons for teachers and group leaders so they could work with participants to uncover their own community’s stories and shed light on solutions to community and personal challenges through dramatic role play. The guide describes interactive role-play workshops that interweave school curriculum strands of health with those of drama and acting.

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Improbable Players interactive role play workshops are designed to guide middle school and high school students in creating scenes and stories around alcohol or other drug issues that they face: handling the pressure from peers to use, seeing through media messages, identifying classic roles people play where there is substance abuse, how to do a simple intervention, and more.