• “Execution is Inhumane.” Capital Punishment.
  • The punishment is just as evil as the crime.
  • In this case the punishment of death is barbarous.

There are opponents who absolutely disagree with capital punishment.

There include several different forms of capital punishment....

In the United States only 38 states have capital punishment statutes.

 Philosopher's first began to question the justice of capital punishment in the eighteenth century.
Ring and “The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished,” published by Amnesty International, are two articles that oppose capital punishment as a deterrent to crime by discussing the risks of the “inhumane” form of punishment....

(Capital Punishment: Life or Death, Internet).

“Capital Punishment Undermines the Sacredness of Life.” Capital Punishment.
He will come and destroy those vinedressers and give the vineyard to others." -Luke 20:9-16.Jesus states in that parable that the proper punishment for murder is death.


In the USA capital punishment costs a great deal.

It is by far the oldest form of punishment in the world and remains in effect in many nations.
Why? Because the person will carry the burden of the evil in his soul as long as he does not undergo the cleansing power of a just punishment (Gorgias, 477; 480).

Some people who believe in the notion of retribution are against capital punishment because they feel the death penalty provides insufficient retribution. They argue that life imprisonment without possibility of parole causes much more suffering to the offender than a painless death after a short period of imprisonment.

Many people say that the top level possible is capital punishment.

Capital punishment, however, remains to be an appropriate form of punishment for someone convicted of capital crimes, and may be effective in deterring such offenses....

Capital punishment has been a way of punishing people for many years.

They argue that, in the USA at least, only a small minority of murderers are actually executed, and that imposition of capital punishment on a "capriciously selected random handful" of offenders does not amount to a consistent programme of retribution.

Capital punishment also has great flaws.

NB: It's actually impossible to test the deterrent effect of a punishment in a rigorous way, as to do so would require knowing how many murders would have been committed in a particular state if the law had been different during the same time period.

There is no reason for capital punishment. It doesn’the make sense.

To make a scapegoat scheme effective it would be necessary to go through the appearance of a legitimate legal process and to present evidence which convinced the public that the person being punished deserved their punishment.

The recidivism rate for capital punishment is zero.

This can be achieved without violating our moral standards through the use of punishments which sufficiently punish the offender while still doing right by the victim....

- a site by JFA (Justice for All) which endorses capital punishment.

Others argue that the retribution argument is flawed because the death penalty delivers a 'double punishment'; that of the execution and the preceding wait, and this is a mismatch to the crime.