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The ladies knew this would be an agonizing torture that wouldstay with them for several days while the abrasions healed.

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Bill granted her wish and snapped the whip across both tits, bringing a gasp ofpain from the tortured girl but also causing her to scream for the first time.

20 Travel Horror Movies that Make You Want ..

Withspending money for souvenirs and some dinners out, Bill figured five hundred dollarsapiece would get them this dream vacation.
Victoria attached the hood to the boy's collar, completing his rubber encapsulation. She then lengthened the two nostril tubes by attaching a Y-shaped adapter piece that tapered into a single tube. Leaving that dangling at his side, she forced three inches of tubing into each of his nostrils and up his nasal passage. She clipped the single tube piece into place on the upper lip of his hood and gave a small tug to ensure the tubes would not come out. Satisfied, she waited while Kristi handled the next part of Jason's torture.


to this day it still evokes the same reaction

Shocked at the thought of being left like this for 24 hours, Jason's mind began transferring all of his tortures into one lump ache. Slowly the boy phased out and became one with his suffering. He was, however, still aware enough to hear Kristi's last comment as she and her aunt exited the room.

Kim'sdisappointment showed when she drew the yoke, although, after thinking it through,she knew how much she loved being suspended and having her tits tortured.

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If you go too far,either of you, and push her over the edge, I will torture you both until she is ready tostart again." Jean was already at a fever pitch with her exposed position and the fear ofwhat was about to happen to her.

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It allowed him thefreedom to structure things as he wished and usually provided the guests with theexcitement and uncertainty to make the vacation a memorable one.

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In her mind's eye she saw her nipples disappear into her breast flesh as the cane continued on, burying itself deep in her tortured tits, leaving each tit with its own deep cleavage as it, too, was engulfed by the soft tissue of her ample bosom.