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Christians with a Biblical world view and reading know for a fact that this present world system is on a collision course with the returning Messiah.

What should be the approach of Christians to the initial 3.5 year ?

What’s the Difference Between Christianity and Judaism

This false messiah, this imposter, will be lifted up by the Judeo-Christian masses.
The other key difference between the two faiths is about sin and atonement meaning man’s disobedience to God and the means of achieving forgiveness. In the past, in order to receive forgiveness from their sins, the people of Israel had to offer sincere prayers of repentance, turn away from their sin and offer appropriate sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem. Since the temple was destroyed in AD70 by the Romans, the sacrificial part of this is no longer possible. Jews today believe that the sincere prayers of repentance and turning away from sin are sufficient and would quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 as support of this:

Christians and Jews are pretty much in agreement.

In the Seed of Abraham, and under the blood of Christ we are new creatures in Christ/Messiah.
Jews believe that the messiah will be a human, non-divine person who will restore the physical kingdom of Israel, rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and bring earthly peace. This is very different from the Christian belief that the people of Israel now means all those who follow Jesus and who by faith are Abraham’s descendants. Christians believe that Jesus has fulfilled God’s promises and has already ushered in the way to a new relationship with God by grace. We acknowledge our own inability to live by God’s standards, we trust in Jesus to have paid the price our sin deserves and we find a new path to eternal life through him.


What is the difference between Catholics and Jews?

What if Christian patriots gather for protection in a large armed compound?
Many are asking the question, "What should be the Christian response to the ?"Should Christians take up arms and seek out a place of refuge in the wilderness?

And when the scales come off the eyes of both houses of Israel we in the Church, (who are in partial blindness to our identity in Israel),will join our Jewish brethren (who are in partial blindness to their Messiah as Jesus Christ, the suffering Servant, Israel's promised Sacrifice Lamb, the One who they pierced).

Orthodox Jews are like evangelical Christians

the "Latter Prophets" come before the "Writings" in the HB, but all the "Prophets" come after the "Wisdom" literature in the Christian OT.
the order of the "Prophets" is also different between the LXX and the Catholic and Protestant OT.

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This is the first in a new series looking briefly at the key differences between Christianity and other major world religions. Judaism is the religion out of which Christianity was born (Jesus was himself Jewish) and the two share many common features. There are also many differences, some of which I will be covering briefly, the most significant of which is the answer to the question of who is Jesus and was he the messiah promised in the Bible.

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Indeed, Christians and Jews share lots of common heritage – after all Jesus was himself Jewish. This leads to many things in common between Judaism and Christianity which include:

The details of their beliefs comprise the difference between them

However, there are many things different between Judaism and Christianity, of which by far the most significant is the answer to the question of who is Jesus and consequently understanding how God is working out His promises. Jews do not accept Jesus as the promised messiah. Divisions about him started during Jesus’ lifetime and continue today.

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Although the "" contains the same twenty-seven books for almost all Christians, there are some major and important differences between the "" (HB) used by Jews and different versions of the "" (OT) used by various Christian churches and denominations: