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John Quincy Adams, a freedman from bondageas a slave, informs me that he is aboutpublishing a history of his life.

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Adams works with shocking disconnects that reflect a life journey …

David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life journey of John Adams, the ..
I have known John Q. Adams for seven oreight years, and during that time have neverheard or known him to be guilty of any improper or immoral conduct. A portion of thetime he was engaged in my employ, and whileso engaged, I find him to be an industrious,attentive and conscientious man, and entitledto our confidence and respect.

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The role of John Adams in the history of the United States of America.
taking his own part. Such Christians,such gentlemen. Well you may be ableto fool man, but God you can not. OnSundays you can see him going to churchwith a face on him as long as yourarm, and if he would ever become apreacher I presume his text would be,"My dear brothers, whenever you getthe chance kill the negro as dead as adoor nail, and you will be saved." Itmay be said by some, "is this Adams'life." Well it is. For this was donein my lifetime. However, Christian,if you think so it is all right. But therewill be a stopping place for you some ofthese days. I am very sorry I have tospeak of these things to you. But myfriends they are all true, and I wantthe true friends to know them as well asthose that do them. They say we musttake a little bitter with the sweet, but Ithink it is more bitter than sweet sometimes. So much for the good Christiansto my race.


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John Quincy Adams' public dedication to unpopular principles helped assure his defeat in the . They also led him to take on causes that today seem impressive. For example, Adams overturned a treaty signed by the in 1825 that ceded its remaining land to the state of Georgia because he believed that it had been fraudulently obtained through coercive methods. Georgia's governor was outraged, but Adams believed that the matter clearly fell under federal jurisdiction. Although Adams' support of the Creeks didn't prevent their removal to the west, he lost political backing from Americans who widely believed that whites deserved access to all Indian lands.

The most influential of Adams' final judicial appointments in 1801 was naming John Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He held that position until his death in 1835 and shaped the court's decisions and dramatically raised its stature. He also defined the basic relationship of the judiciary to the rest of the federal government. His forceful actions as Chief Justice set the Supreme Court on a course it has continued to follow for the next two centuries. Marshall was guided by a strong commitment to judicial power and by a belief in the supremacy of national over state legislatures. His judicial vision was very much in keeping with the Federalist political program.

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The Democratic-Republican victory in the 1800 election began a long run of Republican political success. In spite of Federalists' departure from most elective offices, they remained a powerful force in American life especially through their leading position among federal judges. In the final months of Adams' administration he enlarged the federal judiciary and appointed many new judges.