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In some cases, clique leaders even arranged the fights as calculated moves to address the shifting dynamics of the pod.

My 2 favorite sports are soccer and tennis.

We through the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Pinao, In the right hand margin of the Hawaiian Kingdom blog site, select National listed under Categories. Scroll down to the article, “Hawaiian Nationality and the Law of Occupation”. This article give the description of ways of becoming a subject to the Hawaiian Kingdom. I hope this helps. (I don’t think you have a problem, you are already a subject by your Hawaiian heritage). Aloha

I like almost any kind of music except heavy metal.

All land titles in Hawaii from January 17, 1893 till today are DEFECTED & INVALID!!!
I have served 15 years of my life in the Canadian prison system in which it is unfair and not right but I don't have the say because I am a prisoner of the Government of Canada.


I speak English, French and some German.

Didn’t Mr. Gumapac make this argument in court but was still forced from his home?
Since the majority of Hawaiians will be financially ruined by renouncing U.S. citizenship, the current path toward independence is seriously flawed and needlessly harmful. Even the ancient Alii understood and embraced capitalism. As a group we could use our money wisely to buy Hotels and other institutions which would more quickly bring this sought-after destiny to the Hawaiian Nation.

The Supermax prison in Florence, Colo., has had its fair share of controversy this summer.
What Dr. Kamana’opono Crabbe wrote to Sec. of State John F. Kerry comes on the heels of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, I wonder was it a coincidence or perfect timing? Echoes of what America did to our Hawai’i not withstanding, how is the USA going to respond truthfully to Kamana’o and na Kanaka Moali? Can the US (the pot) respond at all considering the fact that they would be calling Putin’s kettle black??

I'm a good listener and a kind person.

I work my core into great strength and flexibility (although I had been shot point blank in my Scarborough apartment in my lower chest, one inch beneath my heart, going out my back one inch beside my spine causing a surgical scar to succeed and bullet wounds the size of a male nipple) it is whereas I call myself a demigod (publicized) with the name Achilles tattooed on my right hand in respect to my Herculean goodness.

I'm looking for someone to share thoughts and opinions with.

Like a bodybuilder I go off season to pack on strength, weight and muscle and go on season to reveal the chiseled statue beneath (at times I am fat and muscled, otherwise I am chiseled and muscled).

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If I may say, I wouldn’t choose sides. In fact don’t pick a side. There’s no need to pick sides. This is all what is legally true and what is not. The wisest thing to do is to get educated about Hawaii’s legal and political history, which is what Dr. Sai has been presenting and more knowledge is coming out! The key factors when it comes to this information is this: Use your brain and not your emotions, be wise on what you do and say, ask the right questions, be careful who and what to trust, and you are encouraged to find out yourself of what Dr. Sai is presenting.


Although I am tattooed and have many scars and stories of battle to go with them, I have plenty of room for more tattoos and want a worthy tattoo association (maybe you can help).

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Mahalo Dutchy for that. I never knew that they were 2 completely opposite efforts. it’s like i gotta choose sides, except this time – get good hawaiian stuff on both sides. I love Dr. Sai’s thoughts and approach on how to right the wrongs of the overthrow, but i also like the leadership and Hawaiian cultural conviction of Kamana’opono of OHA. Mahalo Dutchy for telling it straight – i gotta choose now.