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08/12/2011 · In the play Macbeth, there are many different ways to look at the death of Duncan and who's responsible for it

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23/02/2018 · King Duncan wants to reward Macbeth for his ..
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We learn that King Duncan's two sons have fled, leaving Macbeth to be crowned the new King of Scotland. Macduff, who later becomes instrumental in Macbeth's downfall, has significantly snubbed Macbeth's coronation at Scone to go instead to Fife. A tone of increasing despair for Scotland begins in this scene...

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That night, while King Duncan is sleeping, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth make his guards drunk. When the guards are asleep, Macbeth comes into Duncan's room and kills him with a knife. Next morning, when the King's death is discovered, Macbeth kills the guards and tells everyone that he did this because they killed the King. Duncan's son Malcolm is frightened that he might be killed too. And so he escapes to England to lie low and stay safe. With Duncan dead and Malcolm away in England, Macbeth becomes King of Scotland, and Lady Macbeth becomes queen. But Macbeth is worried. His friends might become his enemies and might want to kill him so that they can become King.


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So Macbeth wonders if it is also true that he will become king one day. Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, soon hears about her husband's success and the witches' predictions. She becomes excited about the idea of her husband becoming King, and she wants to be the queen herself. But she's worried that Macbeth won't do anything to make it happen. So she comes up with a plan to murder King Duncan, who is coming to stay at the Macbeth's castle that night. At first, Macbeth doesn't like the idea. But Lady Macbeth has a very powerful personality and is very cold-blooded. She persuades him that murdering Duncan is the best thing to do, and that she will plan everything.

So he hires murderers to kill his friends and their families. But now, Macbeth starts imagining that he can see the ghost of his murdered friend. At dinner that night, the ghost appears to Macbeth, but no one else can see it. Macbeth behaves very strangely in front of all his guests. Macbeth goes to see the witches again, who make more predictions. But they tell him that he will be safe until a nearby forest comes to his castle. Macbeth is relieved. After all, forests obviously cannot move. Lady Macbeth is tortured by the guilt of Duncan's murder. She has started sleepwalking and thinks she can see blood on her hands. She cannot get her hands clean. She finally goes mad and kills herself.

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Ross does not accept this explanation; why would the two sons kill their own father whom he refers to as their "own life's means!" or someone they depend upon, adding that such an action is "'Gainst nature still!" or unnatural (Lines 29-31). Ross now remarks that the kingdom will most likely reside with Macbeth and tellingly, we learn that Macduff will head to Fife and not to Scone where Macbeth will be crowned King.

not be able to do since he has killed Duncan?

Macduff and Lennox, the source of the knocking in the last scene, arrive at Macbeth's castle. News of King Duncan's death reaches all at Macbeth's castle. Lady Macbeth faints and Macbeth in rage kills the two drunken guards after claiming that they obviously killed their King. These actions largely free Macbeth and Lady Macbeth from suspicion. King Duncan's sons, Malcolm and Donalbain are introduced, both men wisely deciding to flee Macbeth's castle as a precaution against their own murder. Malcolm will head for England, Donalbain for Ireland.

this because they killed the King

Lady Macbeth enters, remarking that the alcohol that has made the guards drunk has made her bold: "That which hath [has] made them drunk hath made me bold," (Line 1). She has drugged King Duncan's two guards. Macbeth enters and Lady Macbeth fears a bell which has sounded (Line 4) may have awakened the two guards without the murder having taken place.

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Scotland is at war and has just won a great battle. Macbeth, a general in the Scottish army, is the hero of the battle. On his way home afterwards, Macbeth and his friend meet three mysterious witches. Somehow, the witches already know Macbeth's name. They tell him that he is going to be promoted, and that he will be given more money, land, and power. When they say, "Macbeth, the future king!" Macbeth is confused and doesn't really believe the witches. Soon afterwards, Macbeth receives a message from Duncan, the King of Scotland. King Duncan wants to reward Macbeth for his victory and has decided to promote him, giving him more money, land, and power. This is exactly what the witches said would happen.