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And a certain detente has been taking place inIranian-American relations, facilitated by Iran's stance on theGulf conflict.

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364 The Political Economy of Latin American Development The main economic ..
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Lecturer, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
Specialization: Comparative literature; African and African Diaspora Literatures (in English, Spanish, French and African languages); literature, religion and spirituality; language acquisition; language pedagogy; Bantu languages: Lingala, Kikongo; Romance languages: French, Spanish; language mediation (translation and interpreting).

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The main goal of the course consists in the creation of a short movie entirely thought by the students under the supervision of the instructor.
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Relevant Courses Taught: RELI 180/ASIA 180, Introduction to Islamic Civilization.
Coordinator, UNC Men of Color Engagement, Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling
Specialization: Diversity initiatives; engaging, recruiting, retaining and supporting African-American, American Indian and Latino males through graduation and into their careers.


Sedimentology, architecture, and sequence stratigraphy …

Some focus is placed on the use of a large format 4x5
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Some of the cinema’s iconic scores and accompaniments will be discussed, from silent era movies through he films of such directors as Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Fellini.

Key thematic areas include: famous Italians; issues of contemporary history, culture and society; local arts and crafts; Italian cinema.
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This balancing act can beinterpreted either as an Iranian strategy of playing the Sovietcard against the American, in order to consolidate its positionin the negotiations, or as a Soviet attempt to encourage the Shahto relinquish the Western card.

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Relevant Courses Taught: ARTH 155, African Art Survey; ARTH 255, African Art and Culture; ARTH 280, Picture That: History of Photography from Tintypes to Instragram; ARTH 300, Art of African Independence; ARTH 353/AAAD 319/ANTH 343, Africa and Masks; ARTH 453/AAAD 486, Africa in the American Imagination; ARTH 488/AAAD 405, Contemporary African Art; ARTH 555, Urban Africa and Global Mobility; ARTH 957, Graduate Seminar in African Art: African Modernisms.
Professor, Health Behavior, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Specialization: Public Health; HIV/AIDS; Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Associate Professor, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
Specialization: Political anthropology, warfare, nationalism, migration, urbanization. Relevant Courses Taught: AAAD 101, Introduction to Africa; AAAD 214, Ethnography of Africa; AAAD 315, Political Protest and Conflict in Africa; AAAD 412, Regional Seminar in African Studies; AAAD 487, Intellectual Currents in African and African Diaspora Studies.
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Specialization: Indigenous peoples, with a focus on American Indians of the United States.

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Relevant Courses Taught: INLS 539, Going the Last Mile: Information Access for Underserved Populations
Adjunct Assistant Professor, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
Specialization: Kiswahili curriculum development; pedagogy; Lingala instruction; second language acquisition; language variation.

The Road to 9/11 is Paved by AmeroNazi Warfare

The paradigm shift that the term “queer” signals, then, isa shift to a model in which identities are more self-consciouslyhistoricized, seen as contingent products of particular genealogiesrather than enduring or essential natural kinds (Phelan 1989 and 1994;Blasius 2001). Michel Foucault's work, especially his History ofSexuality, is the most widely cited progenitor of this view:Foucault famously argues that