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I have also visited the Business library
for further information relating to Coca-Cola and used
various textbooks and various web sites from the internet.

The two marketing orientations are:


Difference Between Market Orientation & Sales Orientation

Market and sales orientations are different philosophies about how to align and organize a business
The evolution of marketing concept is from production orientation to sales orientation, continuously it becomes market orientation and societal market orientation (Pride et al....


Difference between marketing and market orientation. Market …

Customer Orientation, Innovation Competencies, and …
Market orientation

Product orientation

This can be defined as "An approach to business which places the main
focus of attention upon the production process and the product itself"
(Needham & Dransfield 1995).

Market orientation

Market orientation is defined by Ian Chambers as "A market
orientated business is one which continually identifies, reviews and
analyses consumer's needs."

Market orientation is reflected on the Coca-Cola Company's mission

"Consumer demand drives everything we do." Another brief from their
mission statement includes "We will serve consumers a broad selection
of the nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverages they want to drink
throughout the day."

Coca-Coca has an "action orientation", instead of waiting for change
to happen it is at the leading edge, driving action forward.


A market orientated organisation like Coca-Cola would: