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Medical marijuana or has been used throughout the world and for thousands of years to treat disease or alleviate symptoms from disease.

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Yet another marijuana sales person who thinks they are a legitimate medical professional.
A conducted by the Movement Disorder Society found that marijuana use was relatively common among Parkinson’s patients. Approximately 25% of the respondents reported using marijuana, with 45.9% reporting an improvement in their condition.

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. The Organization for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS), a Swiss think-and-do tank, and International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies (IDHDP), a London-based network, are holding a side event with expert panelists during the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council, titled "Ending the Agony: Access to Morphine as an Ethical and Human Rights Imperative." The groups are calling for a centralized strategy for access to opioid pain relievers, better balance between access and control, "an ambitious scale-up of training and oral morphine distribution," and destigmatizing the use of morphine and other opiates.


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. The Sentencing Commission is holding a hearing today on whether to lengthen prison sentences for people caught dealing fentanyl. Under the proposal, first-time offenders caught selling a half ounce of fentanyl would face up to five years in prison—more than twice the current sentence. While the Justice Department supports the proposal, the Drug Policy Alliance says that implementing the plan would have "perverse public health impacts."

In a , marijuana was observed to rapidly improve symptoms of asthma. Researchers induced the symptoms of asthma through chemical inhalation or exercise, and found that marijuana reduced symptoms such as spasms and over-inflation of the lungs.

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One of the most well-known effects of marijuana is an increase in appetite, also known as “the munchies”. While often considered a mere side effect, the munchies can also be for patients with certain disorders.

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In a , researchers found that IBD patients who used marijuana showed greater improvements in symptoms than those who received a placebo. The study found that of the 11 participants given marijuana, 5 were able to achieve complete remission of the disease.

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Certain conditions like AIDS and cancer can cause a loss of appetite. The increase in from marijuana may help these patients maintain a healthy weight and avoid discomfort.

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In a assessing over 4,600 adults, researchers found that current marijuana users were skinnier and had healthier levels of cholesterol than non-users. The marijuana users were found to have lower levels of insulin, as well as lower levels of insulin-resistance, a risk factor for diabetes.

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. The legislature's Administrative Rules Committee signed off Monday on rules for the state's nascent medical marijuana program. While the committee took no formal vote, it also did not call for any changes or delay in implementing the rules. The next step is for the state Health Department to announce an application period for growers and manufacturers, which should happen by the end of next week, according to the department's Medical Marijuana Division.