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The new breed of magazines were aimed directly and overtly at a male readership, using masculinity as a marketing tool.

'Exhibiting Masculinity' in Hall, S, ed., (London, 1997p.295

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Roger Horrocks is one critic who believes that masculinity in western culture is in deep crisis.
What also emerged was the side of masculinity that the magazines try to avoid, a sense of the fears, anxieties and pain expressed by these men in relation to established script of masculinity; anxieties about sexual performance, estrangement from emotions, and poor relations with fathers.

The Mask of Masculinity - Lewis Howes

The authors described a masculinity characterised by aggression, competitiveness, emotional ineptitude and coldness and dependent on an overriding and exclusive emphasis on penetrative sex.


What Is Neomasculinity? - Roosh V

He likes drinking, football and fucking, and in that order of preference.......in short he is that most ghastly of all configuration, defensively working class which also means defensively masculine'. (Edwards, 1997)

The emphasis on male dominance in public areas of life has tended to obscure the emotional poverty of many men's lives. Magazines tend to reflect this in that they portray only one side of masculinity, leaving out the emotional bit, and concentrating on the outward display of masculinity.

Young men, masculinity and violence | Raewyn Connell

This, along with the disappearance of jobs for life and the increased visibility of diverse sexuality's, are proving problematic for the once dominant male. The magazines are currently caught between an attempt to construct masculinity as a form of fundamentalist certitude, while simultaneously responding to a world where gender relations are changing. Men's magazines can therefore be seen as a cultural response to social change.

Masculinity may signal a likelihood ..

At it's release was organised around menswear and style, popular music was absent and the kind of figures interviewed or profiled in tended to be traditional professionals rather than the media-fashion-art based individuals of other titles.

women want masculine men, and they want men to take control ..

The corporate news media does not want a sustained discussion of gun violence as a type of public health crisis. The corporate news media is also unwilling to discuss how domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order. Very troublingly, the corporate news media considers it impolitic to explore how the right-wing echo chamber is radicalizing and weaponizing its followers.

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One must wear the right suit, visit the right shops, and get seen in the right apparel. This leads to the construction of masculinity in terms of commodities, leading ultimately to masculinity as a matter of how one looks and not what one does.

techniques for young men which target masculinity concerns and the ..

As seen with Dylann Roof and other mass shooters (a group in which white males are grossly overrepresented) such as Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, the Columbine killers and James Holmes, toxic masculinity () is central to their decision .