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Make an even greater statement by delivering your special message in a bottle!

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 The oldest message in a bottle spent 108 years, 4 months and 18 days at sea.
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The Doctor conveys a message from Starfleet that they will be contacting the crew's families to inform them of the news and have immediately begun to seek a way to retrieve them, and will not stop until they succeed in doing so and ends by telling Janeway that Starfleet sent another message... the crew are no longer alone. Janeway emotionally remarks that after hearing this, 60,000 seems much closer now.

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The Doctor is being interrogated by Rekar, who believes that The Doctor is either a or saboteur. Rekar does not believe a hologram to be capable of performing such action independently and he demands to know who is operating him. Nevana enters and reports that she has found the transmission that shows when The Doctor came aboard. She notes that the transmission that brought him on board has a Starfleet signature.


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The bottle washed up on the shore and was found by and , who gave it to . Sun buried it to keep the rest of the hopeful, and accidentally buried her ring at the same time. Sun later told about the bottle. poured out the messages to find 's. She then noticed Sun's ring in the sand.

The message bottle was carried on the and contained messages from the castaways. This idea was conceived by who asked various for messages. Several were read by while on the raft, including 's and ""'s (not realizing that it was ). Below is a short transcript:

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Another rare find was a message in a bottle found not at sea, but . Left by American glaciologist Paul T. Walker in 1959, the message described his glacial research and was found by other researchers 54 years later.

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Walker's message was particularly impactful, as he suffered a stroke during that expedition and died shortly thereafter. "We were reading some of his last words," said Warwick F. Vincent, director of the Center for Northern Studies at Laval University in Canada, and one of the researchers who found the message, as reported by Live Science.

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Indeed, they've long been fixtures of heartwarming stories. In 2014, a bottle was discovered containing a message written by a young German man during a nature hike on May 17, 1913, . After the discovery, researchers were able to locate his granddaughter and give her a note from her grandfather, whom she'd never met.

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Though this bottle's recent discovery missed its place in Bidder's original research, it now has its own place in history as the Guinness World Record holder for the world's oldest message in a bottle.

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Bidder's 1906 experiment was a form of what is now called "." The bottles were reportedly returned at a rate of around 55 percent — largely from fishermen encouraged by the reward — and the marine biologist was able to prove that the North Sea's deep-sea current flowed from east to west.