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IL-Descendants include: Augustus-Civil War Veteran with 54th ILL InfantryCo C-m-Mildred (nee Garrett???)of Claysville Harrison County Kentucky.

The Mysterious History of Nancy Drew mildred augustine wirt benson

Benson was born Mildred Augustine in Ladora, Iowa, ..

Mildred Wirt Benson was born on July 10, 1905 in Ladora, Iowa to Lillian and Dr
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Mildred worked for 58 years as a journalist, writing a weekly column for the
Toledo Blade
and continuing to work full-time until a few months before her death the lung cancer at age 96 in 2002.
Mildred Wirt Benson was born on July 10, 1905 in Ladora, Iowa to Lillian and Dr.

The Wishing Well | Mildred A. Wirt Benson | …

An interview with Mildred Wirt Benson, the original ghostwriter for the Nancy Drew mystery novels.
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(Mildred Augustine), 1905-texts

The Wishing Well by Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson | Crime&Mystery Fiction, Detective Fiction ..
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However, in 1980 Mildred Benson's testimony, which she offeredin a court case involving the publishers, revealed her identity tothe public as a contributor to the Nancy Drew mystery stories. Withonly this, and without access to the Stratemeyer Syndicate archivesnow held at the , thepublic presumed that she had a primary authorship claim to theNancy Drew stories and pen name, Carolyn Keene, who also "wrote" series.

Mildred Wirt Benson (1905–2002) Writer
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Benson was born Mildred Augustine in Ladora, Iowa to Lillian and Dr. J.L. Augustine. She married Asa Wirt, who worked for Associated Press, and, after Wirt's death in 1947, married George A. , editor of the newspaper of Toledo, Ohio three years later; he died in 1959. She earned her degree in English from the University of Iowa in 1925, returned and earned her master's degree in journalism in 1927, the first student to do so there. She worked for 58 years as a journalist, writing a weekly column for the and continuing to work full time (mostly writing obituaries) until a few months before her death, from lung cancer, in 2002 at the age of 96.

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson touched the world ..

While she wrote scores of books under her own and many other names, she is perhaps best known as one of 28 individuals who helped produce the Nancy Drew books. Edward Stratemeyer hired Mildred Benson in 1926 to assist in expanding his roughly-drafted stories in order to satisfy increasing demand for his .

Mildred Benson imbued Nancy Drew ..

Mildred Wirt Benson (July 10, 1905 – May 28,2002) was an American author of children's books, in particularseveral mysteries. Writing under pen name from1929 to 1947, she contributed to 23 of the first 25 originallypublished Nancy Drew mysteries. She was one of 28 individuals whohelped produce the Syndicate's Nancy Drew mystery books from 1929to 1984. Edward Stratemeyer hired Mildred Benson in 1926 to assistin expanding his roughly-drafted stories with Syndicate directed,juvenile text in order to satisfy increasing demand for hisseries.