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They're asking other women, listening toso-called relationship experts, and believing statistics.

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Therefore, men and womenalmost always suffer from communication breakdowns in relationships.
Another important thing that the man loses is his children (sure, like I said, I don’t want to have children as they are mostly burden, but I am talking in general. Men still seem to be quite idealistic towards children. Instead of living easy and carefree life, they still want to leave their “legacy”. And in order to do that they have to work much harder to get enough money for family, to attract women, to have sleepless nights, etc., which causes a LOT of stress and requires a LOT of effort during lifetimes.. and out of these 9-10 divorced guys I know, only 3 of them would still have children knowing what they know now). When you are bonded with a child, losing it seems to be quite painful.

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Women are human beingsand are therefore just as subject to dishonesty and deceit as any man.
Not only am I immersed in the art and science of male/female relations, I actually interact with real, live men and women about it constantly. AND…I also take guys in-field and teach them to meet women on a regular basis. In other words, I’ve cold-approached more women SINCE being married than 99.9% of all men will in their entire lives.


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Scot has to defend his positions on women and dating, otherwise his whole house of cards would come crashing down. He’s been off the market and out of the loop for a long time so his beliefs, while honorable, are behind the curve in today’s social atmosphere.

This is the last time I’m going to say this: All of you #MGTOW guys are seeking each other out and traveling in groups, hence why you believe everyone is like you. I assure you…the guys who are enjoying the company of women aren’t following this thread. They’re in a whole other dimension.

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But c’mon, man…that dead horse has been flogged too many times already in this thread. What do I have to gain by being persuaded to your way of thinking? I’m very happy and fulfilled in my relationships with women.

The teachings of Srila Prabhupada on women and anti-feminism

Men commit suicide at 4x the rate women do. For every 5 suicides, 4 of those are men, and the suicide rate has tracked nearly identically with the divorce rate in the United States..

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While you may be right that lawyers benefit the most from the divorce culture–it’s a spectrum, and while it may be lawyers that benefit the MOST, women certainly benefit the second most as we see that they obtain custody of the children up to 80% of the time (depending on the state)

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Also, women gaining primary custody of the children is very, very often a function of men not wanting it. Again, not a useful statistic in defending a male disadvantage, especially since the ruling is many times a custody-for-money arrangement. If any man loses his kids AND his wealth in the presence of a no-fault scenario, he quite simply had a crappy lawyer. Period.

When Men Pay Taxes, Women Become Promiscuous.

I just wanted to chime in and say that the “MGTOW” mindset has its roots from actual male problems that society (let alone women) COULDNT give a care about..