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Last night I had one of the longest dreams I’ve ever had. But I will shorten it and address what…

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How do you figure out what your dreams mean? This area helps you unlock the mystery of your dreams.
I had a dream of shooting someone in the back because he was going to kill my friends out of revenge. I shot him but he lived. Henever knew I shot him as I would come face to face with him in different scenes of my dreams. But I felt sorry or guilty about it and felt as if I loved him.

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Yeah I had a dream were I killed allot of sharifs and then I ran away then I went to juvi
I keep dreaming that I murder multiple people in one dream, I usually have no idea who these people are. Also in that same dream I was flying at some point, without wings above all my friends and family. Usually at the end of most dreams I end up at the same house, when I move closer to the loft hatch, I cannot speak or or move and after that I wake up.


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Unfortunately his actions also lead to the demise of dream and one himself.
How do you interpret this:
1. It is really important what you feel. If I feel connected to the guy, that could be something really personal. That could be my bad habit, or a thought, a feeling that i have. Something in you that you hate.
2. Angry, satisfaction, or happiness in killing somebody in your dreams doesn’t mean you are bad. You are not really killing a person in a dream. It is all but representation. If you kill a child, that means small, new, virgin, that could mean a childish behavior, or the immaturity that you have that you hate. Or probably that’s a guilt only, that you lost your innocence in real life, a virginity, or you felt the guilt that you are killing your young dreams.
3. If you kill your father in your dreams, and you had a fight with father before you sleep, that is only your anger translated in dreams to relax your body. In a way, dreams are natural way of relaxing our mind and body and soul.
4. But sometimes, it is not important if our dreams are bad or good, just like what happens in our daily lives, it is how we see or interpret it.

My friend had a dream lastnight that she was in the hospital with one of her twins and her husband came in and killed him. Whats that mean??
I am a psychology major in college and I have to say you have some pretty amazing and vivid dreams, but besides that point you ONLY dream when you are in REM state. There is the REM state and then the NREM state which has 5 stages. None of which involve dreaming, although they do involve sleep-walking and sleep-talking. During those 5 stages your brain is healing and regrowing. I know everyone wants to think that there dreams mean something, but I am sorry to say I believe, along with many other scientists out there, that dreams have no meaning. They are episodic scenes that you have experienced or seen on TV or in real life all meshed together. If you do some research on this, I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion. I hope this helps and I hope this can give you some solace after the fact. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

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In this part of my dream I am running all over my street and town trying to lose the group and avoid being spotted by them because they are trying to kill me. I distinctly remember Lucius’ long blonde hair and his face when I was sprinting down the street and he suddenly came out of a car by the side of the road along with the other shadowy five. Another thing that should be noted is that in my dream I am being chased when it is late at night when it is extremely dark.


A Very good site, but it still does not answer my dream. I know for a fact that I have VERY complex dreams at times and I have to research so many different types of dream in order to even get close to discerning it.
My recent dream was in two separate parts but overall had the same theme–being chased. I know the significance behind that though since in both parts I am trying to be murdered, but here is the bit I need help answering:

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Mine was
I seem like a normal day i remembered my mom driving to the schooI and dropping me off later on that day i was sitting on the outer grass part of the track at school until the last person started to make my way a barwair cut off her leg when she jumped ….I was so shock that I stayed there not believing what I saw….it felt like 2 days later I was in my apartments on the field and I felt a weird vibe still so I went inside …I was laying on my bedroom floor and was about to go to bed, I heard a lot of laughing outside and it was kind of suspicious… I looked out the window to find 3 teenagers sneffing crack and they had 2 guns ,pistols, I ran to my mother telling her what I saw and to stay hidden from the windows…they began to shoot through the windows and I got very scared
.. telling my mom to be quite I see my brothers room door closed …and blood spelling under his door. The eyes of the 3rd person in that car before this happened made eye contact with me and I can still see the evil of what he was planning …. afterward I still can’t believe I dreamed this and still shocked

I saw the girl of my dreams on the subway tonight.

No way. This is the exact dream that I’ve been searching for info on. You guys have me really freaked out. The only difference is that the victim in my dream was murdered by my husband and I and I don’t ever remember dreaming of the actual murder just burying under my new property. My husband and I very calm like when the cops come around but then the second they start asking about the object/most of the time a ring. We both kind of maybe get nervous but the dream just ends and I’m awake.