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An Analysis of Physical and Monetary Losses of Environmental Health and Natural Resources

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Context - Desertification is the persistent degradation of dryland ecosystems
This book focuses on the efficient and equitable management of local or village-level natural resources. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 provides an in-depth analysis on the optimal use of natural resources. It dwells on the “tragedy of the commons”, which attributes inefficient resource use to the absence of well-defined property rights. Non-cooperative game theory is used to examine the impact of human interactions on resource management, and discusses the implications of the privatisation of common property resources. In Part 2, the main lessons drawn from Part 1 are compared against e ...

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Forestry development, bush fires, and intensive land clearing, as well as the abusive exploitation of natural resources for human consumption, trade, and tourism, together constitute the principal pressures on the natural resources in the Plateaus region of Togo (Tchamie, 2000). The government and local organizations are now promoting reforestation in the Plateaus region, but the trees being planted are often non-native, high value species, such as the teak and eucalyptus (Kokou, 2008). Despite these efforts, the deforestation rate remains high.


Degradation occurs when Earth's natural resources are depleted.

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The collapse of attempts at industrialisation - mainly substituteindustrialisation - led to exploitation of accessible natural resourcesin a manner so thoughtless and unscrupulous that it soon endangered thepeasant and pastoralist societies in Northern Sudan.

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Another consequence of the rapid impoverishment of the northernSudanese traditional peasants and pastoralists is the abandonment ofrelatively benign methods of exploitation of nature and theirreplacement with aggressive methods which assume that natural resourcesare limitless.

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By definition, this means that they must be designed to improve the quality of life and to protect or restore environmental quality at the same time and must also ensure that resources will not be degraded and that the threat of natural hazards will not be exacerbated.

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(The shift of focus ofagricultural production from the internal market to the externalmarket.)It is a deeply disturbing indicator of the devastation of the socialfabric and the natural environment that Sudan's relatively smallpopulation is increasingly unable to sustain a livelihood in a huge andresource-rich country.

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Factors such as climatic change, landexhaustion through over-use or misuse, population growth ordisplacement, disadvantageous changes in land tenure, warfare or exportof resources cause lasting damage to the people, the animals and theenvironment.

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It also provides estimates based on three natural resource damage categories: (i) agricultural damage from soil salinity, water logging, and soil erosion; (ii) rangeland degradation; and (iii) ...

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DesertificationDesertification, or resource degradation in arid lands that creates desert conditions, results from interrelated and interdependent sets of actions, usually brought on by drought combined with human and animal population pressure.