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The local town doctor, played by Liam Neeson, and a psychiatrist, played by the late Natasha Richardson, work with Nell in hopes of helping her.

and this debate was evident in the movie entitled “Nell”

With Jodie Foster, Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, Richard Libertini

They fight the courts, the media and each other about the best way to handle Nell’s situation.
The doctor arranges someone to cover his practice, and camps out near Nell's cabin to observe her. He is a bit surprised to see a houseboat turn up (Nell's cabin is on a lake shore), with the lovely Dr Paula Olsen aboard, also planning to study Nell.

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The sheriff tips him off, a day or so later, that the experts have gotten a commitment order to put Nell into the psychiatric hospital; the sheriff gives him a few hours in which to work. The doctor manages to get his own court order to say that they cannot seize Nell without her informed consent - kinda difficult if they can't speak her language... In court the judge gives them 3 months to observe Nell, and gather more information about her.


Directed by Lina Wertmüller

The doctor consults "the experts" - specialists at a psychiatric hospital in the nearest large city. Dr Paula Olsen (Natasha Richardson) takes a particular interest, backed up by a respected specialist, Dr Alexander Paley (Richard Libertini). The experts want to drag Nell into their hospital so they can study her like a bug under a microscope. Dr Lovell feels responsible for Nell - he found the note, after all - and his empathy for her situation makes him disagree.

The movie has a number of themes: what is best for Nell? Should she be "educated"? Should she be taken away? Is she better off in the hands of someone who cares about her, even if that person is less skilled in helping? Or should she be a lab rat for the experts? (yeah, that's a biased way of putting it, but I'm allowed to have opinions, too). One theme they don't much explore is that she is heir to a considerable amount of land - who gets that if she is judged incompetent? Who knows what's best for her?

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This film has its share of improbabilities, as the neatness of the ending may suggest, but it is compelling because of Jodie Foster's dramatic and persuasive portrayal of a sensitive woman trapped in a linguistic and emotional cage, and also because the issues it raises are important and difficult ones. The film steadfastly argues for the right to be different, both for Foster's character and for Neeson's doctor, who in his attempt to understand and help Nell is both more ingenious and less inhibited than conventional doctors (Richardson's character frequently reminds us of this).

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Fearing that civilization will destroy Nell, Lovell arranges to have her hospitalized as the least available evil. However, when he finds her drugged, he sees that hospitalization is no solution, and he carries Nell out of the hospital and back to her cabin. He tries to make her understand that he is not her guardian angel.

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Lovell wins Nell's confidence (she calls him her "guardian angel") and the secrets of her speech and wounded psyche (a twin sister died young, and Nell has apparently at least witnessed sexual abuse). Following a court hearing in which Nell speaks in her own defense, the world gets word of her case and journalists descend on her remote cabin on foot and by helicopter.

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An old woman who lives reclusively is found dead by the boy who delivers groceries. Her cabin is quite isolated, and it is pure luck that she was found so soon after she died. The sheriff (Nick Searcy) takes the local doctor out to check. The doctor, Jerome Lovell (Liam Neeson), is curious about how the body is laid out, and checks the rest of the cabin. He discovers a young woman hiding in the rafters. She panics at the sight of him, and screams out in a language neither he nor the sheriff understand. He looks in the family bible, and finds a short note asking whoever reads it to look after Nell. He comes to the conclusion that the young woman is Nell (Jodie Foster) - he's right.