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although there is no sure way to prevent accidents and injury when riding horseback.

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Just started horseback riding lessons and need help with balance and overcoming fear of injury?
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Whether you are a rider overcoming an injury or need some confidence building, or have a horse in rehabilitation or in need of training, it is smart to find a trainer/instructor who will work positively to address your needs. All riders have obstacles to overcome and having a support team is an important facet to ensuring your success. Sometimes you want an all around trainer and as you develop you may want a specialist in your discipline.

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Taking beginner horse-riding lessons are crucial to building a solid foundation to grow from
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Good instructors know this and can cater to meet the needs of the individual. As an instructor, I have taught several people that have diagnosed learning hardships, ADD, ADHD, Autism, and PTSD to name a few, as well as physical injuries that might make riding difficult. In my opinion, one of my biggest accomplishments has been the transformation of the rider and horse duo of Allie and Lela. Allie has Autism, she is very high functioning, but this makes horseback riding much more of a challenge that it is for someone without Autism. Allie has one of the biggest hearts I know, her heart is full of not only love, but dedication to her sport and determination to do well. She is always trying 110% and aims to please. Over the past 15 months we have been working on Allie's seat and position, as well as her feel for making a connection with Lela. When Lela first arrived at Finger Lakes Equestrian Center in January 2015 to begin her training she was very hollow in the back, stiff, and traveled inverted. Through the use of classical dressage principles and basics I've been able to transform Lela's body. She has put muscle in correct places, travels more through, and is working to please now. Allie and Lela plan to show at the Introductory Level this summer and participate in local dressage clinics. Please see the photos of Allie and Lela below to see some of the progress that has been made, pictures from left to right are August 2015, October 2015, and February 2016.


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But it is not just horses that suffer injuries as we riders know. One of Kim’s students Adam Kulijof, recently suffered a fracture in the neck of his femur when he fell off his horse in November 2015. Dubbed by The Catskill Horse Magazine as “Adam, the Comeback Kid” for his amazing recovery, Kim told us what happened and what the road back to riding has been like:

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted: H, Haggard-Hyssop
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