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he Poem Andrew Marvell’s poem chronicles his reactions to the artistic merit of John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) in seven verse paragraphs of fifty-four

Her shorts are the subject of great debate on Twitter

Lost Angeles | Bearfighting and BachCaps

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Then, to that Heaven to which he wouldreascend, the faithful would go when the time came for the world’sdissolution, and there would be received into the bliss eternal.Strengthened and sustained, Adam went down from the mount and met Eve,just awaking from comforting dreams.The Cherubim descended, and, urged by the Angel, the two took their wayinto the wide world that lay before them, and looking back beheld theflaming swords of the Cherubim at the gates of their lost Paradise.This full text of “National Epics” by Kate Milner Rabb belongs to the public domain.

It wasn’t initially the way I wanted it to go

It was ugly and sloppy and at times, maybe even boring
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Description :A history of the criticism of John Milton's epic Paradise Lost, tracing the major debates as they have unfolded over the past three centuries. The book traces nine debates (about Milton's style, his u...


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How to Wait on God and Benefit from His Purifying Power
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What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? - TV Tropes
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