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: Collection of Mohegan and Pequot Indian legends and folktales.

: Collection of Mohegan and Pequot Indian legends and folktales.

: The story of the Pequot Indians from prehistoric times through the Pequot Massacre.
The affluence vanished as quickly as it came for the tribe, which had only one person living on the reservation in the early 1970s. The Pequots won federal recognition and opened a bingo hall in the 1980s before hitting the jackpot with the start of casino gambling at Foxwoods in 1992. People who traced their bloodlines to Pequots counted in a 1900 census were allowed to join the tribe, which now has roughly 900 members.

: History of the Mohegan and Pequot Indians.

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Now consider an inscription on a monument that used to be on a street corner in West Mystic, Connecticut, site of a Pequot Fort. The monument is a statue of John Mason of Windsor.


Each Mohegan, Pequot, Narragansett, and Shinnecock Indian tribe is .

Key Technology The Pequots used hickory or witch hazel bows and arrows tipped with flint, bone, shell, or eagle claws. Fish were caught with nets, spears, and bone hooks. Other key items included rush baskets, carved wood bowls and utensils, Indian hemp cordage and twined baskets, wooden mortars, pottery jars, and stone woodworking tools.

Native reaction to the English post was mixed. As a rule, the Mattabesic and Nipmuc who were forced to pay tribute to the Pequot welcomed the English, seeing not only an opportunity of better prices for their furs, but a chance to escape the Pequot. This, of course, was not something Sassacus, the Pequot grand sachem, favored.

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By 1633 Boston traders had reached the Connecticut River and built a trading post at Windsor. In violation of their 1627 agreement, the English post intercepted furs from the interior before they could reach the Dutch downstream. The Dutch responded by purchasing land from the Pequot (actually the Pequot sold land belonging to the Mattabesic) and built a fortified trading post (House of Good Hope).


Based on this statement alone, what questions come to mind regarding the Pequot War? How does Tecumseh view the outcome and its causes? What do you suppose happened in 1637?

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In 1637, long-standing tensions between the Puritan English of Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay colonies and the Pequot escalated into open warfare.


Below are four different statements made by people reflecting on the Pequot War from obviously differing perspectives. These statements should give you an idea of the problems historians run into when they are trying to understand the past. People just don't see things the same way. Perhaps, on the basis of these alone, you can develop some theories of your own about the Pequot War, and then use the rest of the doucments to test those theories.

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Historians pay close attention to people like Miantonomo, who were living at the time of the events under study. Without this sort of support, history would be purely guesswork. One man who lived at that time, William Bradford, the first Governor of Plymouth Colony, wrote an extensive account of events of his own day. His book , is often consulted by historians researching early New England, trying to find out "what really happened." Here are some excerpts from his history, narrating the Pequot War. After you finish reading this account, think about the clues he provides that may help answer some of the questions you have so far. What new questions come to mind?