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Jun 28, 2012 · Reading Topographies of Post-Postmodernism: Review of Post-Postmodernism or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism by Jeffrey T. Nealon

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In answer to your questions, I do not think Postmodernism has destroyed philosophy, but she’s been hit hard by that corrupt epistemology, and young people particularly will have a most difficult time overcoming the confusion that Postmodernism has sown.

Post-Modernism and English Literature

Zammito's book referenced their is a nice critical review of "analytic postmodernism"
… This is a bit late to react, but I like the original post. Let’s at least agree that postmodernity does have its issues, regardless of it’s alledged advantages. Take a look at postmodern architecture, or at least some examples of it. A building in London with a Corinthian column that doesn’t support anything. A building with stairs and halls that lead nowhere. One building tilting over to one side, as if it can collapse in that direction anytime. People may want postmodern architects, but they do not want postmodern engineers: they want the building to stand, not to collapse upon their head. In this light, gravity is a very determined opponent of postmodernism. You may be able to lie about how a building looks like, but you can not lie about whether it stands or not. I can only agree with the major point in the original post, namely that postmodernism – in a way – cuts off the branch on which it is sitting. Language and words are supposed to be incapable of telling us anything, so meaning, intent and authority are erased. The problem is: the postmodernists use words and language to tell us that. Can we depend on these words as being true and meaningful if they are considered useless and void of contents?


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I stumbled across your blog during my search across the web for the precise meaning of post-modernism. I’d been using the word lavishly (having, I think, picked it from a review about Fight Club) until a few days ago when I read about Post-Post-Modernism in relation with David Foster Wallace’s writing. And I asked myself, what does that mean, PoPoMo? But then I realized I couldn’t even really put my finger on PoMo.

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Let’s take this apart: “If reason and logic are invalid and no objective knowledge is possible, then the whole pseudo-philosophy of postmodernism is also invalidated.”

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As for your postmodern argument, I note that you don’t bother to address the philosophical substance of postmodernism’s untenable premises, with regard in particular to my penultimate and ultimate paragraphs above. That’s smart on your part. You’re very wise not to attempt a refutation, because if you did, your (non) system would come crashing down around you like so many Banquo’s ghosts.

despre postmodernism si principalele caracteristici ale ..

In order to get any kind of grasp on postmodernism, one must grasp first that postmodernism doesn’t want to be defined. Its distinguishing characteristic is in the dispensing of all definitions — because definitions presuppose a firm and comprehensible universe.

Introduction to Postmodern Philosophy

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